Journey the 4 paw declawed cat that was thrown away.


Last week, someone from a veterinary practice in Stoney Creek, Ontario was walking a dog in the field behind their clinic and came upon a beautiful long haired black cat sitting in the field. Even with the large dog approaching her, the cat had no response, she just sat there stunned.

The cat was dehydrated, emaciated, declawed on all four paws (she must have been out there for weeks with absolutely no way to defend herself nor to catch anything to eat), and covered in burrs and sores caused by the burrs.

She could hardly walk and it appeared that her paws were still in pain.

Here is a short video of Journey trying to walk. journey-video

Journey was taken into the clinic where she was shaved down to remove the burrs and fed a meal of canned food which she lapped up quite happily while purring away.  She is around a year old and didn’t have a microchip.

Journey was put into a foster home with Pantry Four Paws – pet food bank and rescue – ,  but soon after she started shutting down and refused to eat.  Pantry Four Paws rescue has a strict no declaw policy and the new owner must sign two forms saying they won’t declaw their cat.

The weeks without food had caused her organs to fail and also caused neurological damage.

She is now being cared for at this veterinary clinic so let’s hope for the best for her and that she pulls through.


If you really want to help end declawing then please do something about it. The best thing you can do is if your  vet declaws cats, then respectfully ask them to stop.

If they won’t, then tell them you are taking your business to an ethical, humane vet who doesn’t declaw cats.

If your unethical pro-declaw vet says they only declaw cats because it keeps a cat in a home, then tell them to go to and get their butts out there and save all the declawed cats that are thrown away that are near their practice in shelters and rescues.

They probably declawed many of the cats in those shelters, like so many other declawed cats are in America on a daily basis!

Don’t let this huge injustice keep going. Please help us now.

Please, for all the kitties like Journey whose lives were ruined by this evil and inhumane procedure and these horrible, greedy vets who do this torture and mutilation to cats.

2 million cats yearly in America are declawed. When will enough be enough?????????????? 98% of declaws are done for the welfare of a sofa.

How can so many human beings, who took an oath to heal animals, sell their souls to this barbaric procedure and use their hands to harm, mutilate, and inhumanely do such a unnecessary amputations to cats?