Update November 2020.

 AAHA took legal action to force us to take information and screenshots about them from this story.

Please Join Us and Let’s Try to Inspire AAHA to Put Accountability in their Declawing Position that says they strongly oppose declawing.




Story Published on July 2016

DEAR AAHA leaders and members,
I’m sorry to interrupt your “Meeting in a Box” in your Declaw Communications Toolkit [button href=”https://www.aaha.org/professional/membership/bright_ideas/bright_idea_1215/bright%20ideas%20from%20aaha%20accreditation.html” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] AAHA ‘s Declawing Communications Toolkit[/button]  as you strategize how to be politically correct about declawing.



The answer is that it is never politically correct to mutilate animals. It’s that simple.

I told one of my many veterinarian friends, who doesn’t declaw cats, about this Declaw Communications Toolkit, and they said, “It never ceases to amaze me that we have to keep coming up with these rationalizations to persuade vets and pet owners away from declawing when at the end of the day, it is just plain wrong.  It’s like having to talk someone out of walking across the street blindfolded.  The reasons should be self evident. “


But here’s why:

The American Animal Hospital Assoc. (AAHA) has guidelines for vet clinics to be “accredited.”

These include highly important standards like having anesthesia only dentals.

The AAHA has also recently came out with a declaw position statement that says that they “Strongly oppose declawing.” That’s good.

The problem is that AAHA that also put out a “Declaw Communications Toolkit” on their website that includes having a “meeting in a box” to discuss ways of dealing with the rising public outcry over practices that declaw and the fact that those practices don’t want to stop declawing.

This Declaw Communications Toolkit isn’t mandatory either.

You really couldn’t make this stuff up but here it is.


Remember, declawing is a $900,000 – $1,200,000,000/year business. That’s a lot of clams.

So here’s the hypocrisy in a nutshell.
AAHA has strict guidelines for compliance.
AAHA has a strong anti-declaw position.
Get ready for the big BUT…
But, they openly tell their 3500 members who pay $1070 for membership, that they don’t have to follow the AAHA declaw position. (They aren’t however, ever lax on the dentals.)

That’s at least 3.7 million dollars in membership dues that AAHA brings in and many of these AAHA hospitals declaw cats. It’s possible that some of their membership dues are paid with money that came from amputating cat’s toes and claws.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see why AAHA is afraid to come out and put accountability in their declawing position.

AAHA possibly stands to lose a lot of memberships because many of them don’t want to be forced to stop declawing or take the steps to have it be mandatory to do it as a very last resort. But folks, doing the right thing is important in life and in veterinary medicine.

AAHA also gives the Declaw toolkit to their vets, on how to continue ignoring their declaw guidelines.

They also have lots and lots of brochures available but not ONE for declawing from what I can find. This is the one for scratching behaviors on an AAHA hospital’s website that declaws cats and sadly says, “Numerous studies have shown that declawing does not have a detrimental effect on a cat’s behavior or personality.”  (it’s not available on AAHA’s website and says it’s back ordered) [button href=”http://www.tampabayvets.net/news/destructive-cats-solving-scratching-chewing-problems-2/” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] AAHA Scratching Behavior Brochure[/button]

AAHA has a blog called Pets Matter and lots of helpful stories about pets but not ONE story about declawing from what I could find. [button href=”www.aaha.org/blog/petsmatter” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] AAHA Pets Matter[/button]

And there you have it.
AAHA- American Animal Hypocrisy Assoc.


Here is their press release where they say their declawing position where they oppose  is NOT mandatory for their hospitals. AAHA Declawing Press Release



Here is their sample staff training guide in the Declawing Communications Toolkit. They tell them to call us, “people opposed to declawing.”


BORDERThe sad thing is that I had to spend hours looking through the internet for AAHA hospitals that are no-declaw. Please email me any that you know of.

Here is one of the no declaw hospitals I found that has information on their website about declawing and also puts it out on their social media pages so that the public will see it. ParkAnimal





Here is one of the many sad examples of an AAHA hospital that loves to tout how well their $30,000 laser works for amputating cat’s toes and claws. These vets know that they have to do a lot of declaws to pay back that bill. It is very common for AAHA vets to tout how great their lasers are for declaws, less blood, less pain, and as one of the veterinary leaders of this country, the Pres of the NYSVMS, Dr Susan Wylegala,said on her website in 2015, “this new technique is much more humane.”

  It’s all BS my friends. No matter how you amputate a cat’s toe bone, especially burning it off with a laser, it’s inhumane and wrong. Period.

But this also shows how AAHA’s lack of accountability allows all of these hospitals with vets who support declawing, to keep deceiving cat owners to believe that declawing is not inhumane and so many kitties are being harmed and mutilated because of it. And AAHA just doesn’t care and is looking the other way.

Lasers are NO better than the other ways to amputate cat’s toe bones in fact there are studies that prove that the complications are higher in the first two days after laser declaw surgeries than with the other ways. Laser declaw burns the bone off. Here is some info from an AAHA hospital (They declaw cats but don’t use a laser) about the myths of laser declawing [button href=”http://www.arborridgepetclinic.com/the-truths-and-myths-about-laser-feline-declaw-sur.pml” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Myths of Laser Declaw[/button]


Here is AAHA’s Social Media Tips in the Declawing Communications Toolkit

AAHA Declawing staff training guide

AAHA Sample declawing responses


Here is AAHA’s 2015 revised declawing position.


AS USUAL I MUST REMIND YOU. Please don’t threaten, attack, or be rude to anyone involved in this post or campaign.  We must do the right thing and take the high road and be respectful.  It is wrong to threaten them in any way plus they will twist things around and play the victim. We know that the only victims are all the kitties that are being unnecessarily and cruelly declawed. We MUST continue to shine light on this cause and share all of these stories so that we show the truth about what is going on.

We MUST continue to educate cat owners who are being deceived by their pro-declaw vets and who are NOT being told about how declawing is amputations and not good for the health and well being of their cats, how it is inhumane and very painful, and how there are humane alternatives that they can use instead of declawing.

The way that we make positive change is through peaceful and respectful actions and words. When you lash out and are threatening, it hurts our important cause and makes us all look bad, and in turn saves less kitties from this very cruel and inhumane procedure.