Declawing is NOT recommended to protect the health of humans

Some uninformed and unethical pro-declaw veterinarians promote declawing to stop cat scratch fever or to prevent the risk of injury to immune compromised cat owners or people with cancer or other health problems.

The AVMA is the only big organization that condones declawing for this reason even though the facts show why declawing should NOT be performed for these reasons.

(The ASPCA recently removed the immune compromised excuse from their declawing position statement.)


 Here are the facts and according to all the rational and humane veterinarians and human health experts, declawing should NEVER be done for any reason, including cat scratch fever disease risks or for immune compromised people.


“As for the potential harm to human health, declawing opponents note that the AIDS guidelines put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge patients not to engage in “rough play” with cats — but they specifically state “declawing is not advised.”

Hemophiliacs also aren’t especially vulnerable to minor cuts like cat scratches, even though their blood-clotting ability is compromised, according to the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Cancer patients can keep their cats, but need to take precautions against bites and scratches, according to The American Cancer Society.” From a 2017 CBS story by Jonathan Berr.