How to inspire your local SPCA or shelter to help end declawing

I received this awesome letter from Ashley and her kitty, Maddie.
Ashley is a shining example of one of the many awesome people who are trying to make a difference in their own special way and help save kitties from the inhumane procedure of declawing.
You can copy her letter, edit it, and send it to your own local shelters and SPCA’s if you would like to help. Many shelters and rescues make people sign paperwork that says they won’t declaw the kitty they are adopting.
But sadly many are like this Ontario SPCA (Canada).

  I’m sad to say there are shelters and Humane Society’s that actually declaw the cats FOR the people who are adopting them like the Houston Humane Society. Houston Humane Society Declaws Cats

I hope this email finds you well, and I hope I have chosen the right contact for this issue. If this is the wrong section of the SPCA it would be greatly appreciated if this could be forwarded a long to whomever this is best suited for.
I am writing to you in hopes that the Ontario SPCA will be able to work together with the public to reduce the amount of cats that go through the painful procedure of declawing.
I am requesting that the OSPCA include in it’s adoption contracts a rule against declawing. I am asking this because I have first hand witnessed multiple cats adopted from the SPCA end up declawed. The second time in particular was very upsetting for me. As I was working with the cats owner and teaching her how to trim the cats nails I thought I had saved a cat from this terrible fate. Then next thing I knew i was being told that she declawed the cat anyway all because she wanted to buy a new couch. This cat in particular was a very overweight and older cat and I strongly believe that this cat is going to suffer from serious long term effects from this declaw.
Until declawing becomes illegal, we will never be able to stop it from happening. but I believe we can make a great reduction in incidences of it. As the SPCA is supposed to be a voice for animals that prevents cruelty I think this would be a great place to start. The SPCA places many cats into forever homes but without a no declaw contract they are failing to ensure the animal a life free of pain. IF adjusting the adoption contract is not a reasonable request then maybe at the very least it should be required for adopters to have a conversation with staff about declawing. And if a potential adopter is pro declaw then they should be informed of why it Should not be done and all of the alternatives available. At the very least someone who feels the need to declaw their cats should not be allowed to adopt older or obese animals that are at even higher risk of painful side effects.
I am also hoping that the SPCA would be able to launch a public campaign against declawing. I know the SPCA runs many campaigns and pledges such as no hot pets, and this is wonderful. I think we need to put a similar campaign into place for declawing. The more we can inform the public about how declawing truly is an inhumane and barbaric procedure then the less cats that will have to go through this .
It is my firm belief that with all of the alternatives available (nail trimming, soft paws, scratching posts, claw deterrents) there is no longer a need for declawing.
I trust that I don’t need to remind you of all the reasons that declawing truly is cruelty to cats.
I really hope that something can be put into place and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.




Hello Ashley,


Thank you for contacting the Ontario SPCA. We are pleased to hear that you are interested in the welfare of cats.


Although the Ontario SPCA doesn’t support declawing to avoid scratching  behaviors, it is not against the law and is something that a pet owner must discuss with their veterinarian if they are interested in having that procedure done on their cat. As an inclusive organization, our adoption contract is created in such way to be encouraging of the Ontario SPCA as a resource, developing a relationship with a vet, and learning about animal welfare to not cause distress. If adopters ask about declawing as an option our adoption councilors take the time to explain that there are declawed cats in shelters that have been surrendered, and encourage the adopter to consider one of them  instead. The councilors will also inform people about alternate options that are more humane in nature for their cats.


At this time, as declawing a cat is not yet deemed illegal  and current veterinary medicine supports the procedure we cannot control adopters from making such decisions for their animals after adoption.


Thank you again for reaching out.

Let’s respectfully inspire Ontario SPCA to download the Paw Project brochures to hand out to people so that they will educate them on the facts about declawing and how it harms all cats.  Paw Project Declawing Brochures

Please don’t threaten or be rude to anyone involved with this SPCA.  We must do the right thing and take the high road and be respectful.  It is wrong to threaten them in any way plus then they will twist things around and play the victim. We know that the only victims are all the kitties that are being unnecessarily and cruelly declawed. We MUST continue to shine light on this cause and share all of these stories so that we show the truth about what is going on. We MUST continue to educate cat owners who are being deceived by their pro-declaw vets and who are NOT being told about how declawing is amputations and not good for the health and well being of their cats, how it is inhumane and very painful, and how there are humane alternatives that they can use instead of declawing.

The way that we make positive change is through peaceful and respectful actions and words. When you lash out and are threatening, it hurts our important cause and makes us all look bad, and in turn saves less kitties from this very cruel and inhumane procedure.