I’m doing the best I can

My friends.  I want to let you all know how much I appreciate you. You all are family to me.
 I also want to say I apologize if I haven’t answered your emails or if I’ve forgotten to post the stories you sent me. Please send me a reminder as I am always more than happy to try to get in your story that will help spread awareness and educate people about our important cause to end declawing. 
I have those new columns, CATurday’s heroes, for people in the veterinary field who are helping to end declawing, and then Sunday’s Supporters and Spokescats.
Those of you who are working to help end this cruel thing they call declawing, are truly my heroes. If you save one kitty from it or hundreds, you have done something worthy and very special.
I know there are times when you may disagree with the way that I’m going about this important cause but trust me, there is a rhyme and a reason to all of it and it IS working.
It is a huge balancing act I walk these days with educating people, shining light on unethical things, spreading awareness, and posting happy and fun photos. It takes more than a kitty village to cover all the issues but I’m really trying my best.
I know that this cause is heartbreaking and it can really take it out of you at times. I’m one to know this, but we mustn’t give up.
It’s truly sad that the pro-declaw veterinarians and big veterinary associations, the ones who took a vow to help and heal animals, are the ones who are making it so difficult for us to end this disabling, cruel, and unnecessary procedure.
 I am so thankful that I have many amazing inspirational and awesome friends who give me guidance, support, and even help with gathering up information. Many of these people are in the veterinary profession and from all over the world who have years of experience to guide me through some things that I never learned in Kitten Kollege.
 These are just some of thee things that I’ve been working on and busy with these days that may keep me from answering your emails.
   The horrific story about the 3 declawed kitties 3 declawed kitties , notes from people about declawing issues,  a semi-famous vet making up a story about being cyber bullied after I reached out to him and asked him if he would help us create awareness about declawing or scratching issues, whistle blowers risking their jobs and sending me information about unethical things inside their own vet clinics about declawing,  trying to keep up with posting funny and uplifting photos on my social media pages,  declawed cats in shelters that need rescuing, cat owners sending me heartbreaking photos and stories about their declawed cats suffering and how they feel so much guilt for doing that and also are angry that their vets never told them the facts about declawing, putting together a fun story for the Feline Wellness Magazine, dealing with attacks about my mom that were sent by the AVMA to all the vet associations in America AVMA’s attacks on my mom , trying to start an exciting kickstarter for my first book so I can make it so my mom can keep working on this important cause full-time,  not to mention the worry about losing my job in December and then getting sick with that scary and disabling vestibular disease on Xmas day.
I do know what I’m up against with this cause.  It’s a lot, and sometimes I feel like walking away and being a  kitty with no worries in the world. The hardest part is seeing all the photos that people send me of their kitties whose paws were destroyed in the hands of “doctors” who know better, and who are in so much pain and suffering. I may be bad at remembering your names, but I remember the names of the kitties who have had their lives ruined, all because someone was so concerned about a piece of furniture.
Those thoughts of walking away only last a moment and I know I will stay at this until I’m sure every single kitty in North America is safe from having their toes amputated.
I believe that I was guided to my mom for a reason back in 2009, and it was for something big. I believe in destiny and I want to always use my popularity to help animals.
Thank you for joining me on this path. I truly couldn’t do it without you.
Please know that I am doing the best I can and am not purrfect.
We are all working in our own special ways to help the welfare of kitties in the world.  Own the path that you have chosen and make it amazing. Together we will all be proud that we all personally made a positive difference and were a part of these important times in cat history.
Thank you.