I Stand Corrected

I made a mistake.

It was an honest mistake and wasn’t meant to deceive anyone.

A supporter that I trust, who has sent me many things over the years, sent me a video of a kitty who appeared to be declawed and was laying in a chair with a towel around his head and his feet in a bowl of water. His paws were wrapped in what appeared to be bandages but the cat wasn’t declawed. He was just sedated so that it could have its matted hair trimmed.

The video that this supporter sent me had no information on it and was just a clip.

So I posted the video yesterday on my facebook pages and Instagram page and did NOT put the name of the clinic since I didn’t know where the video was from.

About an hour later the supporter who sent me the video sent me this comment from a vet tech that was on one of my posts of the video.

OUCH! Next time how about sending me a simple and respectful note saying that my information was incorrect and I would have been happy to take it down.

Right away, I started to look into this and saw a few message in my inbox. One of them was from the vet tech who took this video of this kitty and understandably she wasn’t happy with my post.

She said that the cat is NOT declawed but sedated for a clip down since it was severely matted and the client actually requested a video of their cat have a spa service before they began the procedure. She said that they DO NOT declaw at her clinic. She said that the cat had booties on to represent warming gloves used.

So I immediately deleted the video posts.

I received a big apology from the person who sent me the video. They were very sorry that they had sent me a video that wasn’t what they had told me it was. This person does a lot of work for our cause and had the best intentions. They made an honest mistake in thinking that the cat was declawed.

I also apologized to the vet tech who took this video for making this mistake.

I receive a lot of information from people everyday and it is a time consuming process to go through all of it and try to decide what to post and what not to post. I always verify the information that I post but this time I didn’t because I trusted the source.

We work on this cause from early in the morning until the late hours of the night. We don’t have a team. It’s just me and my mom. The little money we make to help support our full-time work on this cause is from the sale of my tote bags, t-shirts, and hats and lately a few donations. This is a very draining and depressing cause to work on since we see great suffering and harm being done to so many kitties each year by declawing vets and cat owners.

We don’t have fact checkers. We don’t have editors. We do all of these stories and posts on our own. Aside from a couple volunteers who have helped with research or studies, it’s just the two of us.

This is the first time in 4 years that I’ve made a factual error in a post from what I am aware of. I check and double check the sources and facts in all my stories to make sure that there are no errors.

This time I trusted a trustworthy supporter who made an honest mistake.

I’m sorry and I will try to make sure it never happens again.

I stand corrected.

City and Mom.