Ever wonder why NJVMA’s pro-declaw facebook page [button href=”https://www.facebook.com/Love-Your-Cats-NJ-363273914007160″ color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] NJVMA Pro-Declaw Facebook Page[/button] has more likes from countries that don’t speak English and likes from many other states, than from New Jersey?

Yep, the NJVMA doesn’t want you to know the ugly truth about their deceitful campaign and the lies in their testimony to NJ legislators, in their shameful attempt to stop our important cat protection bill.

The truth is only around 2% of their followers are from New Jersey according to my investigation team. (197 followers) The rest are from places all over the world, from Canada, to the United Kingdom, to Afghanistan, Brazil,  and many other states in America.

And guess what, upon further investigation and reaching out to some of these people who are liking this page, they had no idea it is about stopping a bill in NJ that is GOOD for the welfare of cats and would protect them from the inhumane procedure of declawing.

One of them, FROM NEW JERSEY, said this, “I’m totally against DeClawing Cats,! I have Cats, they All have Claws. I would Never declaw them. I pray they Ban DeClawing. Is there a Petition to sign? I Pray everything works for Us Cat Lovers!”

Another from New Jersey said, “Thank you.. I hate liars, I’m gonna remove that site from my groups list. I am an in your home pet sitter and I’m the female version of St. Francis.. I’m glad you contacted me, because lying and cheating are 2 character defects I have no tolerance for!! God Bless you, & a very Happy new year to you and yours!!  I am Claws, Paws & More!!”

It doesn’t get any lower than that my friends and these veterinary professionals took an oath to heal and help animals.


Most of the people liking this NJVMA page are against declawing and have been duped to believe these unethical NJ veterinary professionals really care about cats.

Please like this facebook page that shows the truth about declawing and it’s called “Love All Cats NJ”, so please like it and share it with your friends and family. [button href=”https://www.facebook.com/stopdeclawingnj/?fref=ts” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Love All Cats NJ facebook page[/button]

Screen shot on Dec. 23, 2016 from Love Your Cats NJ facebook page where they are bragging that they have 7505 likes from people in New Jersey.

As most of you know, the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA)​ is the only organization that is trying to stop the bill in New Jersey that would ban declawing in that state. They want to be able to keep performing this inhumane procedure.  The NJVMA’s spokesvet lied many times in his testimony to the New Jersey legislators about declawing.

One of the many lies they said is “Bone is not removed.”  More on their lies here in this audio tape testimony and story- [button href=”http://citythekitty.org/njvma-spokesvet-defends-cat-declawing-with-big-fat-lies/” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] NJVMA Lies to Legislators[/button]

They hired a top rated public relations firm in NJ to help them stop our important cat protect bill, and made a new campaign and facebook page called “Love Your Cats NJ.   “The NJVMA paid for ads to go out to the world to deceive cat lovers and are inviting them to “like” their deceitful page that pretends like they care about cats.

Can you truly believe that these humans took an oath to heal and help animals and are so sleazy and morally corrupt???

Declawing isn’t LOVE and it is never good for a cat!

Here are some of the deceptive posts that they did on their facebook page.  This one pretends like it’s all about cats not being euthanized yet they fail to mention that 80% of declawed cats in shelters are euthanized.

Here is one of the ad requests from a German facebook follower’s newsfeed that says, “Love your cats NJ has invited you to mark their side with a like.”

Can you imagine all the good campaigns they could have made to educate cat owners in NJ about how declawing is never necessary because there are always humane alternatives, instead of spending it on fb ads to get likes for an evil campaign that is all about lies and deceit??

Here are just a small sampling of the many thousands of “Love Your Cats NJ” facebook page followers that are from all over the world and other states. Our investigation found only around 200 followers from New Jersey.