No veterinarian ever explained this horrible procedure to me


Hi City!

You don’t know me, but I’m one of your many followers.

That lovely lady there is Mufasa. She was my kitty soul mate. She crossed the rainbow bridge a long time ago, but I still miss her very much.

I’m writing you today, City, because a long time ago, I did a horrible thing. You see, my beautiful baby Mufasa, I had her declawed. When she was about 5 years old, many of her claws grew back, a couple of them through her paw pads! She then had to have a SECOND surgery to “repair” the claws that had grown back and caused her a lot of pain.

Back then, City, we didn’t have internet or social media. I didn’t know what I did was actually amputating her lovely toes. No veterinarian ever explained this horrible procedure to me, or of the possible complications. I thought I could trust them with my baby. Instead, my poor girl had to go through that horrible procedure TWICE.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive myself for putting her through that pain. City, I wish I would have known back then.

I wish someone would have educated me. That’s why you cannot stop what you’re doing!

Kitties and kitty parents need to know what they’re putting their fur babies through! We need to save those kitties paws!! No kitty needs to go what my Mufasa went through. Keep fighting the good fight, City.

Purrs and head bonks,



Thank you Marquitta for speaking out and helping to save other kitties from this inhumane procedure in Mufasa’s honor.

You can personally help end declawing by sending this noteĀ Note to your vet to your veterinarian and if they don’t stop declawing then you can take your business to a humane and compassionate vet who doesn’t declaw. I have a list on my website My Website