The NYSVMS isn’t hiding the fact that they don’t care about the welfare of ducks or cats. They are currently working hard to kill the bill in NY that would ban declawing and in 2013 they were the leader in killing a bill that would have stopped the inhumane force feeding of ducks for foie gras. (Even the New York City Bar Association supported this 2013 bill and said this in their official letter of support, “Foie Gras Production Constitutes Animal Cruelty“)

By opposing this bill, the NYSVMS helped their friends at Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm to keep torturing ducks. Why would the NYSVMS do this? Well read on and maybe the “Gastronomical Tour” they are going on this Thursday might explain things more. 


AND they want most of their 5000 member vets and board members to be able keep doing this to torturous thing to cats-

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The NYSVM$ put in a big headline on their website saying they are about the “protection of animal well-being” but it is apparent that they are ALL about fulfilling the needs of their veterinarian$ first and foremost as they say in the bottom left corner of this page. [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] NYSVMS Fulfills The Needs of Their Vets[/button]


The NYSVM$ is currently working really hard to try to kill the bill in NY that is GOOD for the welfare of cats but bad for the pocketbooks of their vets and board members who declaw cats. (The majority of their vets and board members declaw cats and do NOT counsel clients with the humane alternatives or let their clients know that declawing is really bad for a cat)

You also should know that in 2013 the NYSVMS was proud to tell their vet members in their newsletter that they were leaders in killing a bill that would have been GOOD for ducks but bad for the pocketbooks of the Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm owners and bad for those who enjoy eating this diseased, fatty liver that is sold as a “gastronomical ecstasy” delicacy for almost $100 for 1.5 lbs and on [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farms “Gastronomical Ecstasy”[/button]

BORDERThis very small but very significant paragraph is buried on their 2014 Nov/Dec magazine that shows a “Connection” that seems very unethical to me.


This NYSVMS, long time treasurer, Lawrence W. Bartholf  is paid by Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm for giving tours and speaking out in favor of torturing and force feeding ducks and has been a spokesman for them for many years.BORDER

And look what else is going on! The NYSVMS is having their 2nd annual tasting and tour of the Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm this Thursday! They are meeting in the parking lot at McDonalds at noon. More about this [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Gastronomical Ecstasy Tour[/button]

Yep, pretty disgusting perspective to turn a diseased fatty liver into a delicacy don’t you think and ask for their vets, vet techs, and friends to come out for the tour and enjoy this “gastronomical ecstasy” torture treat?

These are people who joined the noble profession to HELP the welfare of animals.

How out of touch can these “doctors” of veterinary medicine be?


 If you aren’t aware about how inhumane the foie gras process is that makes these poor duck’s livers grow to 12 times the normal size, then please read this [button href=”” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] My Story About Foie Gras & the NYSVMS[/button]

or watch these two videos. [button href=”” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Foie Gras- The Ugly Truth[/button]BORDER

Here is a petition to sign that would stop the sale of Hudson Valley Foie Gras on The video is from HVFG Farm and be aware it is very disturbing to was those suffering ducks.  [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] End the sale of Foie Gras on Petition[/button]

PLEASE SIGN THIS OFFICIAL PETITION TO SUPPORT THE NY BILL TO BAN DECLAWING. Let’s NOT let the NYSVMS win this time and let’s protect cats from this very inhumane thing! [button href=”″ color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Bill and Official Petition to Ban Declawing In NY[/button]



And I will lend this with a feel good video about a story about a girl and her duck. [button href=”” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Girl and her duck video[/button]

This is Daffy, my friend’s duck. She says thank you for your support to help end the torturing of so many of her fellow ducks.