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Life after The Times: Pau Gasol and City the Kitty by Lori Shepler

Shortly after leaving the Los Angeles Times in 2009, photographer Lori Shepler welcomed a stray cat with thumbs and a short, stubby tail into her home. Within a few months City the Kitty was appearing in videos and gaining Facebook fans by the thousands. City the Kitty has gone on to appear in numerous television shows including Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell” and he has a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million views and 150 videos. City the Kitty

Lori never expected in a million years to get a visit from a 4-legged feline with a bobtail and six toes on each of his front feet. This part Manx part Bengal furry friend showed up one day at Lori’s front door and decided that it was a place to call home. City The Kitty

Anonymous stray cat finds a loving home with a photographer, becomes a successful model, does some videos, gets a cat litter commercial, then ends up in celebrity rehab on TV. City the Kitty is Spreading the Word About Declawing

Lori Shepler had a feeling that her rescue cat would make waves for all felines. And she had her vocal detractors when she told My Cat From Hell audiences in 2010, “Somehow, City the Kitty will help change the world for the better.” But six years later, City the Kitty is an Internet sensation with hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers, a popular Instagram photo subject of daily six-toed fun, and an advocate for a pet cause that is making big strides in helping cats’ lives.