Property Management Companies Who Took The Declaw Requirement Out Of Their Pet Policies


We started this campaign in 2016 to inspire property management companies to take out the declaw requirement from their pet policies.

If you know of an apartment complex that requires declawing, please send their name and contact info for the company that owns them to   Please put “Michigan Apartments” in the subject line or what state it is in.

September 2019 update-

We successfully inspired Land & Co. that is primarily in West Michigan with around 7,000 units to take the declawing requirement out of their pet policy.  An exec. with this company said she decided to stop requiring declawing in September of 2018 when she received our information and videos.  She said it was not long after that Land & Company changed their policy and updated all of their addendums.


We successfully inspired Millennia Housing Management, LTD, that owns 278 apartment complexes in 26 states, to take the declawing requirement out of their pet policy.

We successfully inspired Lautrec LTD, in Michigan, to take the declaw requirement out of their pet policy in May 2019.

These Michigan companies and Rockford Property Management recently took out the declaw requirement from their pet policies on their own.

We asked Rockford Property Management, that manages more than 500 apartment units in Grand Rapids, why they removed the declaw requirement out of their pet policy and they told us, “we had a few residents personally reach out to us and explain why declawing is wrong and that it should not be a requirement for cats living at our communities. We agreed wholeheartedly and it ended up being a great decision for both our residents and their furry friends.

The Gladwin City Housing Commission took out the declaw requirement around 5 years ago.


—————————————————————————————————————————————– The Good.

How this campaign started in 2016.

We sent an inspiring note, with facts about declawing, to the regional manager of Samaritan Companies and also informed him how we inspired 3 other big property management companies to take the declawing requirement out of their pet policies.

Today we received this note from this awesome manager from this company, Samaritan Companies. Samaritan

Hey Lori,

 I did receive your email and discussed it internally with the regional managers yesterday evening before we left for the day. We have come to the agreement that we are going to remove the declawing policy in our current Resident Policies. However, due to hardwood floors and trim, we will be increasing our Pet Deposit.   I appreciate you reaching out to us and we are more than happy to accommodate our furry friends the way they are! We plan on having another internal meeting within the next week (most likely after Labor Day weekend) and will re-write the policies to become truly pet friendly across all 6,000 units across Indiana & Ohio. 

I hope you have a great weekend!

Best Regards,

Nick Shrout

IT Director / Regional Manager

Samaritan Companies

We are happy to say that usually when rational, compassionate, and decent human beings, like these folks at Samaritan Companies, learn the awful truth about declawing and how it is inhumane and mutilating, they do the right thing and take the declaw requirement out of their company’s pet policy.

City the Kitty

Here are more property management companies that became truly “Pet Friendly” and took the declawing requirements out of their pet policies after we reached out to them.


Flaherty & Collins- 105 properties and 15,409 multifamily units in 12 states across the nation.Flaherty

Here is the note we received from this awesome company.

Hi Lori,

 Thank you for your follow-up! We have been reviewing the policies and have made this change to no longer require declawed cats at our properties. We thank you for the information and for reaching out to us. It may take some time before you notice these changes on our community websites, but we are in the process of making those updates.
 Again, we appreciate your feedback and thanks for reaching out to us.
 Brian Moore

Marketing & Communications Director

Flaherty & Collins Properties

Flaherty & Collins Facebook page


Steadfast Companies- Owns and/or operates more than 36,000 units in 23 states across the United States

Steadfast Facebook Page


IRET- 259 properties and 11,765 apartments


IRET Facebook page


The Bad.

These three companies that we reached out to chose to keep the declawing requirement in their pet policy even after being educated on how inhumane, cruel, and mutilating it is.

K and D Properties in Ohio, Simco Management Corp. in Ohio, and Scion Group in Illinois.

Scion owns lots of University apartments. One of their paralegal’s wrote me back and said, “The Executive Board has decided to watch what a few states do, which are considering legislation on this topic. Thank you for your interest. “

Some of the ones that require declawing are The Village at Muller Park in Bloomington, Indiana, (for students at Indiana University)  The Village at Muller Park facebook page   , The Republic at Tallahassee, Florida (for students at Florida State University) The Republic facebook page and 33 East, (for students at East Carolina University) 33 East facebook page

After I respectfully tried to reach the person in charge of K & D’s pet policy, they turned it over to their lawyer and he sent me a Cease and Desist letter. Here is more about this sad story. K&D Cease and Desist letter

Simco’s apartment managers say that they are “Cat Friendly”, yet they require cat owners to amputate their poor little kitties toe bones and claws (declaw)

(Sadly this reminds me of how AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) allows their “Cat Friendly” practices to declaw as a first option, promote declawing, and lie and deceive cat owners about this mutilating and inhumane procedure)

After I reached out to the executives of this company, Rick Noca, and  and Rick Noca’s reply was,

Lori,  We will be making no change to our policy at this time.

Maybe you can respectfully inspire them to do the right thing.