These 6 vet practices recommend, use, and/or sell Purina’s Yesterday’s News Cat litter for their declawed cats.

Oct. 2016.

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“Extra- Gentle On Sensitive Paws” it says on the Yesterday’s News cat litter bag and right after that it says “Healthy Cat.” Fyi, a declawed cat is NOT a healthy cat at all.

Paws that have had 10 to 20 (back paws) amputations on them aren’t “sensitive” they are incredibly painful and mutilated.  That’s why many declawed cats have litter box issues and are relinquished to shelters because they don’t want anything on their paws since they are always in pain. 80% of declawed cats in shelters are euthanized because of behavioral issues like litter box avoidance & biting according to a shelter in NJ.

Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter is the #1 veterinarian recommended (and purchased) cat litter for declawed cats. It is the most popular cat litter that cat owners purchase for their declawed cats.

(Purina is owned by Nestle, which is a company from Switzerland. Declawing has been banned in Switzerland for many years)

Around 2 million cats a year in America are declawed so that’s thousands and thousands of sales of Yesterday’s News cat litter as a result of this very harmful and inhumane procedure.

A 15 lb bag of Yesterday’s New litter costs around $10.

Purina sells thousands of the small 5 lb bags of Yesterday’s News for around $4 to vet practices for their declawed cats. 

You can do the math.

If Purina helped us end declawing with the money they are making from this inhumane procedure, it would save thousands of cats from having this very inhumane procedure done to them.

My idea is that Purina could donate just $1 from every sale of Yesterday’s News litter to the cause to end declawing AND/OR use that money to make educational videos about why cats need their toes and claws and teach cat owners about the humane alternatives.

 Of course Purina stands to lose a lot of money in sales of Yesterday’s News if declawing ends or is banned, but if they helped us, it would show that Purina truly cares about the welfare of cats.

Purina says on their website, “See how we strive to make our world better for both pets and people.”

Please Purina. Make our world better for cats and help us end this terrible procedure that is done to 1 in 4 cats in America.

Here is the link to reach out to them to ask them to help us end declawing [button href=”″ newwindow=”yes”] Ask Purina to Help Save Cats From Being Declawed[/button]

Here is the link to the Purina4Paws Petition- [button href=”” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Purina4Paws Petition[/button]

Purina says they are investing in pet welfare so let’s inspire them to help end this horrific thing that is done to 25% of cats in America.

As many of you know, I was a part-time influencer with Friskies for a few years. I was treated really well and loved that Purina/Friskies would donate lots of their cat food to cats in shelters. I was happy and honored to help them with those campaigns.

While I worked with them, I proposed some inspiring and positive ideas for them to help with our declawing cause in August 2014.

I was told that it is a “sensitive area” for them but they agreed that “declawing is harmful” but that the topic is “too sensitive to jump in and take a stance on.”

  I was quite sad because I didn’t understand why they would consider the cause as being “sensitive” when millions of cats are being horrifically maimed and are inhumanely having their toe bones and claws amputated, for the welfare of furniture.

It seemed like a win win cause for Purina/Friskies to join, since their alignment is to cats first and not to people who declaw their cats for the welfare of their couch.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I couldn’t understand how any company, who cared about animals and cats, could just stay neutral and not do anything to help end this cruelty.

I’m not one to give up.

So once again I reached out to Purina/Friskies while I was still working with them in September 2015 to see if I could inspire them to be leaders and be the first cat company that was on the right side of history to help in any way with this important cause.

The response was that they truly appreciate my “passion and support of animals, especially our feline friends” however as they had said before, it is their policy to not get involved with this topic.

 I was saddened and surprised that soon after that, in December 2015, Friskies ended our collaboration, especially since they knew that I was working my every waking hour to help end this horrific suffering and torture done to millions of cats.

What hurt the most was that I thought that since they didn’t want to publicly come out and help this cause to end declawing, the least they could do was to keep our collaboration going on some small level.

They would indirectly be supporting the cause through someone who was working hard to end such a cruel and inhumane procedure that was being done to around 2 million cats a year. (And most of them using their product, Yesterday’s News cat litter)


I am always an optimist and would love to work with them again for this Purina4Paws campaign idea to help end declawing.  I reached out to them for the 3rd time, this time directly to my Purina contact on Oct 13, 2016 and asked her if they would consider helping.

She said she would, “pass the note along for consideration.” I followed up on Oct 24 and she said she passed along the idea and hasn’t heard back and would share any feedback she receives. Then I reached out on Nov 4th and she said she didn’t know if that means they are still considering it or if there isn’t interest, but would follow up and let me know if she hears back.

Yesterday’s News is purchased and recommended by most veterinarians as the post-surgical litter for declawing. [button href=”” newwindow=”yes”] Yesterday’s News highly effective post-surgical litter[/button]  

Link to Purina to send them a noteContact Purina link

Around 80% of veterinary practices in America declaw cats and it is a billion dollar business.

Most of these vets that declaw cats aren’t informing the public on how declawing is bad for the health and well being of a cat and most of them aren’t counseling their clients about the humane alternatives like scratching posts, nail trimming, soft paws, and deterrents.

Since Purina recognizes this as well as the importance of the human-animal bond, it would be a huge gesture for them to help end this abuse and violence done to domestic cats from declawing.

Purina would be a hero to the majority of cat people and animal lovers in the world, and would get so many accolades for taking up such an important cause that helps all the cats.

Purina would show how much they truly care about the welfare, the health and well being of cats.

Declawing is banned or considered unethical in most of the rest of the world and not performed.

This would be a huge step for the biggest cat food company in the world to say that this animal cruelty isn’t acceptable.


Here are some of the many examples of how vets use Yesterday’s News Cat litter for their declawed cats –  Also there is a bill in New Jersey and I did a study on how veterinary practices in that state address declawing. Many of these practices even proudly mentioned that a bag of Yesterday’s News litter is included in their price for declaws. [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] New Jersey veterinary practice declaw study[/button]




From Parker County Vet Hospital, Texas.  [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Parker County Vet Laser Declaw & Yesterday’s News[/button]



From Porter Pet Hospital, Ohio, that even puts their laser declaws in their “Feline Wellness Plans” if elected then you get 25% off their laser declaw and they say, “ We encourage all owners that are considering declawing their cat to take the decision seriously when their cat is young. ”  Porter Pet Hospital Laser Declaw



Paws Along the River Humane Society in Warren, Pa.that offers declawing for the cats up for adoption. [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Paws Along The River Humane Society Declawing[/button]



Here’s a story on written by a vet with a photo of a “doctor” slicing off a cat toe and claw with a scalpel. [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Declaw[/button]


Here’s another one from The Cat Practice in Birmingham, Mi. yesterdaysnewsmi




Here’s declawing aftercare info from AAHA vet practice in Tennessee that does 2 paw and 4 paw declaws with the guillotine nail clipper and charges $575 for all four paw and $413 for the front paws. They leave it up to the cat owner and say it’s personal preference if you want two or four paw declaws. They say that the owner vet doesn’t think declawing is inhumane but won’t do ear cropping or docking tails because she feels those procedures are inhumane. They say they do declaws regularly and there are no long term negative consequences to declawing but that you just need to keep your cat indoors.


There are hundreds of reviews on Amazon and on the internet for Yesterday’s News. The majority of them are from cat owners who used Yesterday’s News on the recommendation of their vet who declawed their cats. Here is a small sampling of them.