Shelters and Rescues in West Michigan who are against declawing

Here are the ethical and humane shelters and rescues in West Michigan who educate the public about how declawing is bad for cats.  They also teach cat owners about the easy, humane options. Know the facts- Facts vs Myths about declawing

If you know of any other shelters/rescues in West Michigan who are against declawing and who educate the public about how it is bad for cats, please send us their name.



1) Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, Michigan.

They are supporting the Cat Protection Bill (Anti-declawing bill) in Michigan that will be introduced on Feb. 19th, 2020.

Harbor Humane website

Harbor Humane Society’s Facebook page

Their declawing policy- If someone is looking to adopt they must adopt an already declawed cat. We do everything we can to educate potential adopters on the risks and inhumanity of declawing. We include declawing handouts in our adoption folders and are committed to teaching people that it is not the right thing to do.

Here is one of their handouts.

Here is their Alternatives to Declawing handout. Harbor Humane Society Handout




2) Heaven Can Wait Rescue, Muskegon, Michigan.

They are supporting the Cat Protection Bill (Anti-declawing bill) in Michigan that will be introduced on Feb. 19th, 2020.

Heaven Can Wait Website

Heaven Can Wait Facebook page

This is the reply that the Heaven Can Wait folks give to people who are looking to declaw the cat/kitten they are wanting to adopt.

“HCW, as an organization, does not support declawing cats.
The procedure for declawing cats involves amputation of not only the claw but the bone up to the first knuckle. This amputation can be very painful for the cat and lead to disfigurements of the paw. Cats walk on their toes and so having the first knuckle and claw removed changes the way they walk.
Early arthritis is frequently seen with declawed cats. Aversion to litter boxes is also common. Many become biters as their natural form of defense has been taken away from them.
For these reasons, Heaven Can Wait considers declawing cats a cruel and unnecessary act.  As cats get older their symptoms can get worse.  We find that many cats having litter boxes issues later in life are declawed cats. While you may have had past declaws that never had a problem, we need to remember that if there is an issue because of declawing, there is no option to correct it.
There are many alternatives to declawing including scratching posts and nail caps.  If you would like more information on alternatives please let me know.”

3) Humane Society of West Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan

They are supporting the Cat Protection Bill (Anti-declawing bill) in Michigan that will be introduced on Feb. 19th, 2020.

They speak to adopters about alternatives to declawing and explain what the practice of declawing a cat actually is. More info to come.

4) Cannonsville Critters, Stanton, Michigan

They are against declawing. More info to come.

5) Carol’s Ferals, Grand Rapids, Michigan

 This is their official statement about declawing.
“Carol’s Ferals is against the elective amputation of the toe bones in cats, otherwise known as declawing. We have learned the facts and know it is never for the betterment of the cats health, mentally or physically.
We have materials hanging in our facility that show the statistics of the harms of declawing as well as a binder with pictures of what amputated toe bones look like.
We send our potential adopters this information as well as educate in person the harms of declawing and safe alternatives: Scratching posts, regular nail trims, soft paws, deterrent and attractant sprays.
We always offer free nail trims for life post adoption and require adopters to sign a legally binding contract that they will not have their cat declawed. “

6)  Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance, Douglas, Michigan

They discourage declawing, explain to people the harm declawing causes to a cat and the possible behavior issues that can develop.

Wishbone website