URGENT! How Can We Save These 14 Kittens From Being 4 Paw Declawed

Last night I received many notes from concerned people who were outraged about this animal hospital in Pacific, Missouri that was going to 4 paw declaw these 14 kittens that they rescued.

The veterinary professionals at this hospital deserve the accolades for helping with saving the lives of kittens and cats that they rescue, but then they turn around do a mutilating and inhumane procedure to the cats that will harm their health and well-being for a lifetime.

Declawing IS Animal Abuse and Cruelty

“If declawing was animal abuse, veterinarians wouldn’t do it,” said a cat owner who just took the advise of her vet and declawed her 12 yr old cat because she had a baby on the way.
Declawing IS animal abuse and veterinarians in most of the world don’t do it because of that reason.