The American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) 2020 Hospital of the Year Declaws Cats

 AAHA took legal action to get us to take a screenshot of this page down from our story. Here’s what their announcement said, “Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital of Lancaster, Pennsylvania was named the 2020 AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year! AAHA also took legal action to get us to remove other information about how they address declawing from some of our …

The Anna Shelter’s WELLNESS Centers Provide The Cheapest Declaw In The Erie, PA Area.

Let us start by saying that The Anna Shelter in Erie, PA. does a lot of great things for animals. We applaud them for this. Their shelter director, Ruth Thompson, has dedicated her life to saving animals.Unfortunately they also declaw cats at their West and East Erie and Corry, PA, Wellness Centers and they condone declawing for their shelter cats. The Anna Shelter is an Adoption Partner at Petsmart in Erie, PA. The manager at this Petsmart was asked if PetSmart is ok this the Anna Shelter declawing cats and condoning it for their shelter cats. He said, “Yeah, nothing against it.”

Starting Over Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania Allows And Advertises Declawing

This is the story of our life these days when we try to help protect kitties from being declawed.

Why are so many people, who supposedly are on this earth to help animals, not wanting to help us with this cause to end this animal cruelty and inhumane procedure.

Is money and a piece of furniture really more important than the welfare of a little cat?