The Big, Ugly, Unethical Business of Amputating Cat Toes & Claws



  Here is another sad example of the very dark side of the Veterinary Profession in North America, where this very inhumane, cruel, barbaric, mutilating, and unnecessary procedure, called declawing, is considered an acceptable and common solution to a natural cat behavior in the majority of veterinary practices. These amputations are going on behind closed doors in the majority of veterinary practices in America on a daily basis and mostly for the welfare of a piece of furniture.
A vet tech posted this on Instagram two days ago and said that the cat owner said if she can’t declaw the cat, she will take it to a shelter.
So the vet, who went to vet school for years to learn how to help and heal animals, decided he would comply with this cat owners wishes.

Do you know what would happen if you called any vet practice in America that declaws cats, and said that your dog is chewing all of your expensive shoes and you want your vet to pull all of its teeth or you will take it to a shelter or that your DOG was scratching all your new hardwood floors in your home and you wanted it declawed or you will take it to a shelter…
I’m confident that 99% of them will say that they won’t do either of those surgeries because it’s inhumane and wrong. They will tell you to go to a dog behaviorist or will give you advice on how to help with your dog’s issues.
Yet 2 million cats in America each year are put through this very inhumane and unnecessary torture by hands that were meant to heal. Enough is enough. Any vet that declaws cats is a shame to the veterinary profession. Period.
So many of these pro-declaw vets and vet techs are so disconnected and desensitized about declawing, that they don’t think there’s anything wrong with amputating the toe bones off a cat.
Yep folks…it’s all about greed and the lack of respect and compassion for cats and this is a fact.
Please find an ethical, humane vet that doesn’t declaw cats and take your business to them. Please help us end declawing in North America so that ALL cats will be able to live happy and healthy lives with their toe bones and claws.
And fyi, I had one of my FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) members reach out to THIS practice in Michigan and ask as a first time cat owner about getting a couple cats and their dog declawed.
They were happy to give you prices and tell you what day of the week you could bring in your cats for the amputation surgery. In fact they asked if you want 2 paws ($95) or 4 paws($140), no age limit, you can get special deal with a spay/neuter/declaw package and they do around 2 a day. They said there are no long term negative consequences except if your kitty is heavier it just takes longer to heal and you should use special litter called Yesterday’s News.

Also, my FBI team member also asked this practice about declawing their dog and the person on the phone put them on hold and asked the vet and they came back and said, “We can’t declaw a dog. Dog’s nails are different than cat nails and dogs nails have veins in the nails. Cats don’t have veins inside their nails.”

How YOU can you help end this inhumane procedure in America.

Call your own or other local veterinary clinics that declaw cats, as a new customer or first time cat owner, and ask about prices for declawing and say that you want to to know all the facts about declawing . Ask them about their method of declawing and if your cat will be ok after having it done. Ask them questions like, is declawing your cat ok for the health and well being of your cat. Ask them if there are any long term negative consequences to declawing. Ask them what kind of pain management they use and if their vets are skilled at declaws and how many do they do a month.
Check the laws about recording the phone conversation in your state and if it is legal then record your conversation with the declawing practice.
If you are in one of the eleven states that require the consent of every party to a phone call or conversation in order to make the recording lawful then you can just take good notes about what they said. These “two-party consent” laws have been adopted in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.
If you are in one of the states where it is legal to record a phone conversation without the other party’s consent then save the recording and transcribe the notes and email them to me at with the state and name of practice in the subject line.
With your permission, this info will be used anonymously in a documentary and YouTube video for educational purposes.

Please be respectful and never threaten these unethical “doctors” and staff. We must take the high road even if they are torturing, maiming, and mutilating cats.


Remember the sad truth is that many veterinarians, drug companies (pain/anesthesia meds), laser companies, cat litter companies, radiosurgery companies (the latest fad in declawing techniques), medical instrument companies, and other businesses all profit from each cat toe that is amputated. Millions of cats are the sacrifice for this appalling and evil procedure that brings in BILLIONS of dollars.  Any company that profits off it should be ashamed to make blood money from harming and mutilating cats and should at least help in some way to help end declawing by education and making the public aware about the facts about declawing.

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