The human at the keyboard

tuck me in

My friends. Tomorrow is CATurday and I seriously need to just have some fun. I won’t be able to sleep tonight very well though, since I just received this note today from a longtime follower.

“I’m unfollowing this page. I support your ideas but not your methods. I worry about the extreme personification of City the Kitty and what it says about the actual human at the keyboard. Everyday there is a new message shaming someone who disagrees with the human at the keyboard.

When you find you are losing your publicity opportunities (endorsements) and being unfollowed on Facebook (me, and people like me), and having public warnings distributed about you (the letters to vets), you are losing your access to have a voice and save kitties.

This is just feedback. Public figures are subjected to feedback every day. I’ve unfollowed and offered my honest and genuine feedback and that’s enough. I hope City feels better soon.”


Sheeesh. At least she hopes I feel better soon but couldn’t she wait to tell me she’s unfollowing me until I’m all better?


I don’t understand what she was really upset about because if you truly are against this inhumane thing, then anyone would support the ways I am working on this cause. “Everyday there is a new message shaming someone who disagrees with the human at the keyboard” ??? Is she on the right page?  Maybe she is referring to when I comment about the facts of declawing to people who are defending and trying to justify it? Yes, they get upset because they are steadfast in naming every single reason they feel they were justified to amputate their cat’s toes.

I am constantly reminding people to be respectful with their comments and to not threaten any of the pro-declaw folks because then they twist things around and cry cyber sniveling and play the victim card. I am simply shining light on the worst of the worst veterinarians who are promoting declawing. The ones who are misleading their cat clients to think declawing is “gentle, painless, no negative consequences, humane” and all the other terrible propaganda they put out to cat owners who may be uneducated on the facts about this disabling, mutilating, and inhumane procedure.

Am I supposed to look the other way and pretend like there aren’t these unethical pro-declaw veterinarians who are mostly this way because they want to keep making the money that declawing brings or they don’t want to lose their clients. Or veterinary associations looking the other way on this mutilating and horrific procedure when they all vowed to help and heal animals and should be helping us end declawing?


She wouldn’t give me advice on how to improve my “methods”, who I was shaming, or advice on how to call out the unethical things that are directly harming hundreds of cats. She just kept saying, “Again, I support your idea but not your method.”

Do you think she might have declawed her cat and the guilt is just too much so it is coming out as anger towards me? Maybe she is married to a pro-declaw veterinarian who amputates kitties toes for greed?

Maybe she is a big fan of a semi-famous veterinarian who wrote a piece called, “I’m being cyber bullied” after I reached out to him and respectfully asked him to help us to raise awareness for the declawing bill in New York and at least teach cat owners about the humane alternatives.

This is a little bit of what the semi-famous vet told his fans in that story, “Before you support ANY activist group please remember: Methods are as important as the cause. Google the name of the organization and “cyber bullying.” If there are even a few results, you should take pause. Most of these groups will continually deny accusations to escape legal trouble. How many accusations need to be made before your suspicions are high enough to walk away? Please do not support or empower abusers or bullies.”

Hmmmmmm… City the Kitty and cyber bullying.  Did she take pause as he asked her to do, and unfollow me and walk away?? Could there be a connection? Ouch.

All I know is that if I was upset with someone’s methods who was working really hard on an important cause that is helping to end a very inhumane thing involving animal cruelty, I wouldn’t criticize them and then just “unfollow” them without offering up a better way to do it.

Do YOU have suggestions in regards to these issues that TWO people in the last 2 days have been upset about with me? How should I do things better? (By the way, out of all the posts I’ve done in the last month, I’ve had two people say they are going to unfollow me so don’t worry, we don’t have a mass exodus and won’t need to hold a big unfollow party for them)

I’m always looking for ways to be a better spokescat and the number one reason is to end this horrific procedure that is done to over 25% of cats in America.

Maybe I will give Erin Brockowich a call and ask her for some advice…but wait. I’m a cat with an extreme personality. Do you think Mrs Brockovich will take me seriously?

Hmmm, maybe I’ll ask my assistant, the “human at the keyboard” to reach out to her.