Thank you to all of you who are helping our important cause and getting the word out about how declawing is inhumane and harmful for the welfare of all kitties.

Many cat owners are being deceived by their veterinarians about what declawing is, so your help is so very important.

Here is a note I received from a special cat mom about her kitties. 

Sophie1                 Sophie


Hi there! I know you have a lot of conversations with a lot of people so i wouldn’t be offended if you don’t remember us having a “spirited” chat about declawing and the loss of my 17 year old love of my life, Sophie.

When i adopted my first cat, Sophie, I was young and perhaps materialistic and i thought declawing my new 1 year old cat seemed like a good idea. I asked the vet what was involved and if there could be any negative side effects. I honestly don’t recall it being explained to me as an amputation or mutilation of her paws and toes. I believed it to be a relatively harmless procedure that she would heal from quickly and be the same cat she was… just without any claws.

I brought her home and she was healed and back to her old self within 2 or 3 days. In hind sight… i think i made a huge mistake, since i now understand what declawing is. Sophie lived for 17 wonderful years and was an amazing companion who did not have litter box or biting issues and it’s only now  that I realize how rare that is.

She acted like a completely normal and loving kitty but deep down I will never know if she had side effects or lasting pain and that will always haunt me.Sophie2

I very much believe the saying “when you know better… you do better” so needless to say i will NEVER declaw another kitty, there are other alternatives.

———————-   ***  ————————-

Our chat was back in the spring some time. You were kind enough to educate me and forever change my views on declawing as i truly has no idea what the procedure really was. So…. I’m happy to introduce you to my 8 year old rescue I got this week named Bubbles ? … she was rescued by our local spca from a horrific hoarding situation and i fell in love with her the moment i met her ❤❤ she is the most loving and cuddly cat i’ve ever met!

Declawing her will NEVER be an option thanks to you and I found a great solution i think you will be proud of…. thanks again for helping me understand what declawing is and leave it in the past.