August 6, 2021

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Are the leaders of confused?   If you know any of them, please ask them why AAHA won’t ban declawing. “leaders.”

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) updated their declawing position statement in June 2021.

They say they strongly oppose declawing, explaining that declawing is no longer a reasonable or supported procedure…
But then they say if veterinarians are going to declaw, they should use pain meds before, during, and after.
So why is AAHA against this barbaric and inhumane cat mutilation but then they ultimately condone it? AAHA declawing position


1) One of AAHA’s MANDATORY STANDARDS is, “Practice team members demonstrate humane care of animals.”  



2) In their 2021 position statement AAHA says that they strongly oppose declawing and that vets should tell cat owners why it is no longer supported and why it is not a reasonable procedure, yet AAHA ultimately condones declawing by saying if it’s going to be done, then use pain meds before, during, and after.


3) The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)- AAHA emailed us in July 2021 and said, “We strive to uphold standards of veterinary excellence, but we do not instruct veterinarians how to practice medicine.”


In 2013 AAHA told their veterinarians that they cannot perform nonanesthetic or anesthesia-free dentals because it is unacceptable and below the standard of care. AAHA also said nonanesthesia dentals are not appropriate because of patient stress and injury.

Also one of AAHA’s MANDATORY STANDARDS is, “Practice team members demonstrate humane care of animals.”  

AAHA has 900 Standards of Care on 49 pages and they tell their veterinarians how to practice medicine in many of their MANDATORY STANDARDS or else they can’t be an AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital.


4) AAHA was one of the first veterinary organizations to speak out against declawing. Now they are one of the last to allow it.

VCA, Banfield, American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), Mission Veterinary Partners, and Fear Free Pets have banned declawing in their practices. (Fear Free said their practices must stop on Dec. 31, 2021.)


5) Even though AAHA has been strongly opposed to declawing, they came out with a Declaw Communications Toolkit in 2016 to HELP their AAHA Accredited declawing hospitals. Here’s some of the info that’s on their website for their declawing vets. AAHA Declawing Staff Training Guide AAHA Declawing Social Media Responses


6) AAHA gives their AAHA Hospital of the Year Award to vet practices that declaw lots of cats.  Here’s our story about AAHA’s 2020 Declawing Animal Hospital of the Year, Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital in Lancaster, PA. Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital Declaws Cats


7) AAHA sicced their lawyers on us and forced us to take down some of their declawing info and logo from our stories after we published the story about how their 2020 Animal Hospital of the Year declaws lots of cats.  We are shining light on the FACTS on how AAHA ultimately condones declawing even though they say they are strongly opposed to it.  Here’s our press release about this intimidation. AAHA Sicced Their Lawyers On Us


8) Here is a story about 3 cats who were declawed at an AAHA hospital after the vets talked the owners out of the humane alternatives. The 3 cats had horrific complications and had to have most of their paws amputated.  AAHA did nothing about this and the veterinary medical board let them off the hook. Horrific story about 3 cats who were declawed at an AAHA hospital

9) Many AAHA Accredited Animal Hospitals declaw cats. Many of them list their declawing services and information on their websites. Here’s our story about many of these AAHA declawing hospitals. AAHA Declawing Hospitals

10) American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) banned declawing on July 1, 2021. Some Cat Friendly Practices/AAHA Animal Hospitals stopped being a CAT FRIENDLY Practice so they could keep declawing cats. Here’s an example of one of these AAHA Animal Hospitals that chose to keep declawing over being a CAT FRIENDLY Practice. AAHA Animal Hospital Cascade Hospital for Animals Chose Declawing over Being a Cat Friendly Practice


11)   There are 30 veterinary colleges in America and 10 of those vet colleges still perform declawing in their clinics. 9 of the 10 are AAHA hospitals. Here’s the story. Declawing and Veterinary Colleges

12)  AAHA veterinarians fight to keep this cruelty legal and AAHA won’t stop them. AAHA vets fight to keep cruelty legal.



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It’s our opinion that doesn’t want to ban declawing because they don’t want to lose the membership revenue from their declawing animal hospitals. It’s completely possible that some of the revenue that AAHA gets from their declawing animal hospitals comes from performing this inhumane, mutilating, and barbaric amputation procedure.

Know the facts. Here’s our declaw facts section that has been reviewed and fact checked my many accomplished veterinarians who are experts in this area. Declaw Facts vs Myths

Always take the high road, be polite, and educate.