We were alerted about this photo of a declawed bengal cat and wanted to investigate what spay and neuter clinic in Vegas would declaw cats.

We don’t know if this cat was declawed at this Spay and Neuter Center of Southern Nevada but it’s the only spay and neuter clinic we could find in the area.


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Spay and Neuter Center of Southern Nevada

They have declawing on their website. Link- Spay Neuter Clinic Services

Their vision on their website says, “Improve the lives of companion animals in our community by providing an affordable avenue to responsible pet ownership, thereby becoming the recognized provider of preventative petcare in Southern Nevada.”

We wanted to look into how this clinic addresses declawing so our researcher called for the cost of a spay/neuter.

The employee said that a cost of a spay/declaw is $276.73. They said that their vets, Dr Taryn Griffith and Dr Heather Groghan do around 1 to 2 declaws a week.


We sent an email to these vets on March 18, 2021 to interview them for this story but haven’t heard back yet.


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