AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital Tiny Town Animal Clinic and Family Pet Hospital in Clarksville, TN say on their website that they offer routine declaw surgeries. Here’s the link to this info. Routine Declaw Surgeries

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Also, earlier this year, Family Pet Hospital put out this ad on their facebook and twitter pages.

We wanted to see how Tiny Town Animal Clinic in Clarksville, TN addresses declawing so our researchers called them and asked for a price of a declaw, what vets do the declaws, and if declawing is ok for a cat long term.

The employee said that Dr Burchett performs the declaws, she uses a scalpel, and she does declaws regularly. When asked if declawing is ok for a cat long term the employee said they have never have any complications.

Employee at Family Pet Hospital in Clarksville, TN said that Dr Burchette and a few other vets do the declaws. When asked if they use a laser for the declaws, the employee said, “they use a tool, kind of like what you can buy at Walmart with a circle” and said that they put the cat’s finger through it. They said that they wrap the cat in bandages that stay on for around 10 days.

They said that they sell a special litter, Purina’s Yesterday’s News, for the declaw cats. Please sign our petition to Purina. Purina makes millions of dollars each year from declawing.

Another employee said that they have 4 or 5 veterinarians who do the declaws and also who work at their sister practice, Tiny Town Animal clinic. The employee said that there are a lot of behavior problems that go with declaws.