Declawing is a dirty little secret to which the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) gives a nod and a wink.

AAFP doesn’t want you airing their dirty little secret because it shows how hypocritical they are.

AAFP thinks they’re authorities on what’s best for cats but when it comes to declawing, they’d rather throw cats under the bus than lose their precious membership fees.

Please take 60 seconds and sign our petition to AAFP. They can’t hide it or delete it. Petition to AAFP


Here’s the Sept. 19, 2019 post by AAFP’s @CatFriendlyHomes Instagram page.

Here’s the comment that AAFP deleted that was from a veterinarian about a recent declawing study on  Sept. 20, 2019.


The veterinarian wrote this comment on their post and we answered it.

@CatFriendlyHomes kept our comment up on their post so we asked our followers to thank them for not deleting our important comment about how bad declawing is.

Many of you started to thank them. The next day @CatFriendlyHomes deleted all your comments and disabled the comment section on their page.

Here are many of the comments from people who care about the welfare of cats.