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Tomorrow I will be doing a series of stories about  some of the data from the research study that I’ve been working on.  Thanks to many of you for participating in it and helping me gather up facts.  [button href=”https://citythekitty.org/nysvms-president-leads-the-way-to-try-to-defeet-the-cat-protection-bill/” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Part 1 of the story[/button]

This will be very insightful into the reasons as to why many of the influential veterinarians and board members of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society are working so hard to try to stop A1297/S5084, the bill that would protect cats from the inhumane and unnecessary procedure called declawing.

You will see different ways that they address declawing in their clinics and interesting perspectives that will make you understand better why they are spending so much money, up to $98,000 already on lobbyists, to try to kill this bill that is GOOD for the welfare of all cats.

Just a sneak peak, The 2016 President of the NYSVMS  says this about her laser declaw,  ” One of the most remarkable advantages of laser surgery is the ability to perform a Laser Declaw. This new technique is much more humane than the traditional method of declawing as it dramatically decreases the pain involved. Cats return to normal activity soon after the procedure.” (Taken from info on her website in Oct 2016)

Another top NYSVMS veterinarian says this about laser declaw, “There is no scientific evidence that cats declawed with lasers do any better than those done with a scalpel assuming the surgery is done with good technique. My personal opinion is that the notion that laser is better has been created by companies that sell the $30,000 laser machines and perpetuated by practitioners who need to justify the purchase. ”


I’m sure you can tell which one of those top NYSVMS doctors tries to talk cat clients out of declawing their cats and practices what they preach.  I will go into this a lot deeper tomorrow.  Sadly the percentage of these top NYSVMS leaders who counsel clients on the humane alternatives and who perform declawing as a last resort was very low.

Declawing is NOT better!

Here is a link from a veterinarian in Wisconsin with info showing laser declaw isn’t better! Many pro-declaw vets deceive their cat clients about burning off their cat’s toes and claws with a laser [button href=”http://www.arborridgepetclinic.com/the-truths-and-myths-about-laser-feline-declaw-sur.pml” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Facts about Laser Declaw[/button]


Here you will see how happy the NYSVMS  leaders were after stopping our Cat Protection Bill last year. They say, “We scored a DIRECT hit, we scored a major win for the profe$$ion, by prevent the bill from appearing on the agenda.”  And now we are here in 2016 and they are trying to do the same thing and stop this bill. In the meantime, a year of cats in New York unnecessarily having their toes and claws amputated and going through this inhumane procedure.


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