UPDATE-  Oct. 2021. The Animal Humane Society updated their declawing position statement to completely condemn it.

Story published on Sept. 21, 2021.

The Animal Humane Society says they are one of the nation’s leading animal welfare organizations. The AHS says they had 23 million page views on their website last year. Wow! Animal Humane Society’s website

We agree that they do great work to help animals.

Unfortunately the Animal Humane Society’s declawing position statement is on the side of declawing veterinarians and it appears that they care more about dogs than cats, in our opinion.

(The AHS does NOT declaw cats in their own clinics but they have 4 veterinary partners who declaw cats in their clinics. Here are their vet partners.https://www.animalhumanesociety.org/partners/veterinary-partners Carver Lake Veterinary Center and Hudson Road Animal Hospital are the two clinics that do NOT declaw cats.❤🐾.)

Please read the AHS cat declawing position statement and their dog tail docking, debarking, and ear clipping position statement and let us know what YOU think.
Dog position statement- AHS Dog Position Statement

Cat declawing position – AHS Cat Declawing Position

Thankfully the AHS dog procedure position statement DOES NOT condone any of those surgeries for the death or relinquishment excuse. It’s also great that the AHS describes in horrific detail how those 3 procedures are performed and say how debarking is bad for a dog’s health.

The Animal Humane Society’s declawing position condones this barbaric amputation procedure by using the death/relinquishment or declaw excuse.
 Their declawing position doesn’t even explain how it is an amputation procedure or how it is bad for a cat’s health and well being. 😿

Please send a polite note to the Animal Humane Society and ask them if they like dogs more than cats and if a declawing vet wrote their declawing position statement because it sure isn’t on the side of innocent cats.
  Ask them why they won’t completely condemn declawing, describe how it’s an inhumane amputation procedure, and how it harms the health and well being of a cat. AHS contact form

If you get a reply from them, let us know. citythekitty@gmail.com
Always take the high road, be polite, and educate.