GREAT NEWS! December 2020, AAFP announced that they will no longer allow declawing in their CAT FRIENDLY Practices!

Dr Kelly St. Denis must have inspired AAFP to finally do the right thing!

Here’s their announcement and all the helpful information! AAFP Announcement


Story published on Oct. 26, 2019.

“Let’s end declawing now”-  Dr Kelly St. Denis’ comment June 23, 2019

“Please stop declawing now“- Dr Kelly St. Denis’ comment in 2015.

“Please don’t declaw”- Dr Kelly St Denis’ comment in 2015.

“There is no reason to declaw a cat”- Dr Kelly St Denis’ comment in 2015.

We have hope.

We have hope because there is a Canadian veterinarian, who is going to be the President of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) in 2020, who’s been speaking out against declawing for many years.

Her name is Dr Kelly St. Denis.

Please take 60 seconds and sign our petition to AAFP. We are almost at 20,000 signatures! AAFP Petition

(Post on the Paw Project’s facebook page in 2015.)

Dr St. Denis has been trying to educate cat owners about how declawing is bad for cats for many years.

She has been educating cat owners about how they can use the easy, humane options.

She has been trying to inspire her colleagues to stop declawing.

She has been trying to show her colleagues that their businesses won’t suffer by doing the right thing and stopping.

Here’s more about Dr Kelly St. Denis, the 2020 AAFP President. 


Dr St. Denis recently gave a speech at the 2019 Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference about declawing.Kelly St. Denis 2019 Clinical Session About Declawing

For the record, we did a survey of 156 CAT FRIENDLY Practices in 10 states and found that 85% of them declaw cats. Cat Friendly Practices and Declawing

A post on the Paw Project’s facebook page on July, 16, 2015.

Here’s the full editorial by Dr Kelly St. Denis.

Here’s a comment by Dr St. Denis on her vet practice’s facebook page on May 23, 2015.

Here’s the link to Jackson Galaxy’s video about not declawing. Jackson Galaxy video about not declawing


Here’s a comment from Dr St. Denis’ veterinary practice on Facebook on Dec. 15, 2016, “Even your local Canadian Tire is embracing cats with claws!!!! Please don’t declaw- let your cat do what comes naturally, just on appropriate surfaces!!!”

Here’s a comment by Dr St. Denis on a facebook post.

A post on Dr St. Denis’ clinic’s facebook page on June 23, 2019 said.  “Let’s end declawing now.”

Here’s our 2018 Cat Friendly Practice survey CAT Friendly Practice declawing survey