Story published Nov. 11, 2021.

(Update, Nov. 13, 2021.  Wexford Veterinary Hospital edited their website and took off the special sections and logos that said they were a Cat Friendly Practice and Fear Free Practice. )


The BIG question is did they stop being a Cat Friendly Practice this year so they could keep declawing cats?


Is Wexford Veterinary Hospital deceiving their clients by falsely claiming they are a Cat Friendly Practice and a Fear Free Practice? WVH is also an AAHA Accredited Animal hospital.

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This AAHA hospital also performs laser declaws and says that their laser helps for a “more pain-free recovery.” 

According to Fear Free Pets, this hospital is NOT a Fear Free Practice, yet this AAHA hospital says that they are in a special section on their websiteWexford Fear Free Practice section


According to the Cat Friendly Practice website, this practice is NOT a Cat Friendly Practice yet Wexford’s website says they are with the Cat Friendly Practice logo AND with their special section, and an employee said they are 100% sure they are a Cat Friendly Practice. They also perform declawing and AAFP banned declawing in all their CAT Friendly Practices on July 1, 2021.  Wexford Cat Friendly Practice section

If an animal hospital lies right up front to clients then how can anyone trust everything else they are doing?  What keeps them from lying to you in person about your beloved pet? 

Why is this AAHA hospital promoting things on the front of their website that just aren’t true? 

AAHA has 900 standards of care for their accredited animal hospitals.

AAHA allows declawing in their hospitals even if they are strongly opposed to it and it is animal cruelty.

Does AAHA also condone lying and deceiving pet owners?

Here’s Wexford Veterinary Hospital’s laser declawing information.

Wexford Veterinary Hospital  has declawing on their website in two places, under their surgery section and under laser surgery where they say, “We commonly utilize the CO2 laser for routine spays, neuters, mass removals, benign skin growth ablation, oral and eyelid growth removals, and declaw procedures, among others…”

Here’s the link to their laser declaw information.Wexford Veterinary Hospital Declaw info


We also did some research on this AAHA hospital with a short phone call and asked how much a declaw costs, if declawing is ok for a cat long term, how they do them, and if they do them regularly.

One of their employees said that they do 2 and 4 paw declaws. They said that all their vets do declaws and all of them are great at it. They said that they use a laser which they said is, “a little less invasive.”

They said that you have to have an exam to make sure the cat is healthy enough to do the procedure. When asked if a cat is ok long term from a declaw the employee said, “If it’s done correctly they should be ok.”

They said that they do declaws regularly. 



 The American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) stopped allowing declawing in all their Cat Friendly Practices on July 1st, 2021.

Many Cat Friendly Practices are also AAHA Accredited Animal Hospitals and we have found some that actually stopped being a CAT FRIENDLY Practice so they could keep declawing cats. Here’s one of them. Cascade Animal Hospital story

Wexford Veterinary Hospital says that burning off a cat’s toe bones and claws provides increased comfort and minimizes soft tissue trauma.  No it doesn’t. Those things are not true.  

You can see the facts about laser declawing in #8 in our Facts vs Myths section. Laser Declawing Facts


Below is a screenshot of one of  Wexford Veterinary Hospital’s 2016 facebook posts where they promoted their laser declawing.


Here’s a facebook post by Wexford Veterinary hospital with photos of some cats they just declawed with the caption,  “Say hi to these cuties! Keira (Tortoise) and Killian (Gray Tabby) were in for a declaw procedure. They are doing great, so sweet and very energetic!Wexford facebook post

If AAHA would ban declawing in their accredited hospitals like VCA, Banfield, Fear Free Pets, and Mission Veterinary Partners did, many more cats would be saved from this inhumane and cruel amputation procedure. Please sign our petition to AAHA. AAHA Petition

We reached out in an email in Nov. 8, 2021 to this AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital and asked them if they are still a Cat Friendly Practice and if so, why are they still declawing cats. Wexford Veterinary hospital has not returned our email.

Wexford veterinary hospital does a lot of helpful and healing procedures and things for animals but unfortunately they are also doing this cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary amputation procedure to innocent cats. They should be honest about their accreditation and about declawing. There is no excuse.

They say this on their website, “The goal at WVH is to provide the highest standards of veterinary services.” Do they really think that declawing is the highest standards of veterinary services?

They say, “We have been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association since 1975 and we are proud to be able to meet the rigid standards set forth by this prestigious veterinary organization. We voluntarily have our hospital evaluated by trained consultants who make sure we comply with the AAHA’s high principles.