WhinefestPART 1

Cyber Sniveling- The WhineFest

I am City the Kitty and I’m 100% against declawing.  I’m here to announce that I do NOT condone REAL cyber bullying, harassing, threatening, or attacking anyone, not even veterinarians who declaw or who declaw kitties on ALL 4 paws. Of course I don’t, so why am I bringing this up?

It has been reported by a very large veterinary association, a semi-famous veterinarian, and a couple of the Americas Favorite Veterinarian Contest Contestants, that they are victims of “cyber bullying” because animal advocates don’t like veterinarians performing unethical practices.

I think that they are irresponsibly using this catch term for the clever, yet twisted technique of taking the focus off their unethical practices like declawing, and are putting the focus on themselves as victims.

“Poor us, we maim innocent kitties and we don’t want to be called out for it.” I think they even have tiny violins playing. At least that has been my experience. One smart person called it a Whinefest, but I’ll be more politically correct.

Back to the inaccurate accusation of “cyber bullying”…

I’m good at smelling fish, true, but anyone can smell something is fishy here.

How is it that the kind, compassionate, and loving people who are just trying to protect kitty paws from a well-known form of torture (amputation) are being called abusers,terrorists, and bullies, when the people performing the horrible act of declawing are considered victims?
I can count all the way up to 26, mostly because I have so many extra toes, and this still doesn’t add up!
Do you think it does?

Here is what REAL cyber bullying is- http://www.stopbullying.gov/cyberbullying/what-is-it/index.html#whycyberbullying



Cyber Sniveling- Pass them a tissue.

Poor veterinarians needlessly amputate cats’ toes and hate it that they look bad for doing so.

In the on going discussion about the topic of cyber bullying and how some in the veterinary profession use the term to hide behind, because they don’t like being called out for hurting cats or looking the other way, let’s talk about the core of what the issue really is. Vets are not bullied by anti-declaw compassionate people, they’re simply being politely asked to stop breaking their oath to do no harm. That I know.

Many veterinarians in North America are performing declaw surgery and that is very inhumane, cruel, and unnecessary for cats. Many offer coupons for it, don’t counsel clients about it, and make a good income of doing it.
Amputating toes is a form of torture, (which, last time I checked, was a whole lot more serious than what they’re sniveling about).

Why would an animal “doctor” do such a horrible thing anyway? Good question. All I know is they use the excuse that they HAVE to because their clients demand it.

Here’s a thought: Since when do vets listen to their clients? Try this simple test: call your vet and say, “I need you to give me the diuretic Lasix for my cat and if you don’t, I’m throwing my cat out of the house.” Didn’t work? Or try this, call them up and ask them to declaw your rescue dog because it’s scratching your floors and if they don’t you will take it back to the shelter. Did that work? Of course not. And rightly so.

So why can you call up and say, “Mutilate my cat’s paws, or I’m throwing my cat out of the house,” and they immediately acquiesce? I actually don’t know the answer to this. It is rather absurd. I guess the vets will whine, “We were bullied into declawing! We don’t want to, sniff sniff, but we have to!” Poor vets, forced into doing a lucrative surgery by a phone call.

The fact is that there are thousands and thousands of DECLAWED cats who lost their homes and are in shelters today alone and awaiting their deaths because their ex owners threw them out for biting issues or not using the litter box- it hurts too much to dig with their poor paws. Declawing does NOT guarantee a cat will be kept in a home, they seem to lose their homes at an increased rate.

Hello veterinarians who declaw kitties? If you’re so concerned about cats losing their homes, why aren’t you rescuing the poor babies you declawed? Guess who is rescuing the few lucky ones who will make it out alive? The rescue groups who have strict no-declaw policies. It isn’t complicated. Vets who took an oath to heal animals. start honoring it and stop declawing cats, and sniveling. And pass them a tissue.

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Cyber Sniveling- Twisting things around to play the victim

It has been reported by some veterinary associations and a semi-famous veterinarian that there is a silent epidemic in veterinary medicine that no one is talking about and that is cyber bullying.

Epidemic: noun: extremely prevalent; widespread.

The reason that no one is talking about it is because this “epidemic” of cyber bullying in the vet profession is NOT really happening, at least as far as the 60+ hospitals all across the nation we contacted.

In an unofficial poll, my mom and I called and called and called vet practices in America….from California, to North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and New York and told them about this story and asked them if they were victims of cyber bullying in any way. Every single one of them said NO they weren’t. (Only three said that they had a couple bad reviews from disgruntled customers but that they did not consider that to be cyber bullying.)

Where is this “epidemic?” My mom kept calling more places to try to find ONE vet practice that had been a victim of cyber bullying but couldn’t find one. Zero, zilch, nada.

Is crying “Cyber Bully!” how the vets twist and turn around the facts? Is it a vet’s way of avoiding the real issue that declawing breaks the vet oath to do no harm? Change who the real victim is?

They say that calling a clinic more than once, to test if you can have a specific veterinarian (one who SAYS he doesn’t declaw and is opposed to declawing) declaw your kitty, is an attack. Seems odd that 7 different employees at this vet’s practice said he DID declaw and that you can book an appointment for him to specifically do it and told you the specific time you can drop off your cat for that 4 paw declaw.
I don’t call that cyber bullying. I call that getting caught in a lie, or…having 7 different employees who don’t know what they’re talking about.

Why cry victim when all we ask is that you to stick up for cats more than you pander to fellow veterinarians who hurt cats by declawing? Are Facebook likes really worth selling your patients out?

Vet oathPart 4- Cyber Sniveling- What Real Cyber Bullying Is

It has been reported by some veterinary associations, and a few well-known, self-righteous veterinarians that they are victims of “cyber bullying” because animal advocates don’t like veterinarians performing unethical practices.
They want you to believe there is a silent epidemic of cyber bullying in veterinary medicine.(I reached out to over 60 vet practices in America and couldn’t find 1 that said they had been a victim of cyber bullying)
I think the only silent epidemic that is going on is spinelessness among veterinarians who declaw who won’t question a mutilating procedure that they perform.

The bottom line is they just don’t want light shined on the unethical ways that some veterinarians go about declawing kitties.
They ask you to google the name of the animal activist group that you support and cyber bullying, and if there are even a few results, to stop supporting them. Whom are they talking about? [button href=”http://www.drandyroark.com/im-being-cyber-bullied/” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] I’m being cyber bullied [/button]
You and me.
Yup, people who are passionately trying to end an inhumane, horrific, and unnecessary procedure that is banned in most of the rest of the world.
I ask you to google veterinary associations and well-known veterinarians and if there are no stories about declawing and the negative consequences of it or the humane alternatives, then please question their motives and wonder why they got into a profession that is supposed to help animals not harm them.
I reached out to a psychologist, a lawyer, veterinarians, and a high-ranking police officer about the subject of cyber bullying. The conclusion that I came to, from all of their expert advice and assessment, is that what I am doing to help end declawing is not unlawful harassment, abuse, threats, attacks, cyber bullying and most importantly NOT a crime. The only crime here is being committed on kitty paws.
We all know who’s guilty of committing that crime.


intensePart 5

Cyber-Sniveling -The Epilogue

As I begin my eighth year on the planet, I feel I have gained the wisdom to put things in perspective.
For a large trade organization of veterinarians and semi-famous veterinarians to go around saying that they are cyber bullied just because they aren’t enlightened enough to recognize that they are just plainly wrong, is like the Japanese government saying it is being cyber bullied because of the outflow of emotion people felt in trying to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji.

Each of us has to decide whether or not we want to be on the right side of cat history or the wrong side. We have to decide if we want to live life pandering for popularity or sticking our necks out to create much needed change.

I insist on change. I am a medium-sized, orange tabby and I will not allow my fellow kitty citizens to be abused by their doctors without a fight.

What does your heart say? Join me and let’s make the change.

1. Reach out to as many veterinarians as you can and politely and respectfully ask them to quit declawing. Send them Dr Marty Beckers latest inspiring declaw story for inspiration if needed. [button href=”http://www.drmartybecker.com/veterinary-medicine/the-tragedy-of-post-declaw-pain-syndrome-and-how-to-help-cats-who-suffer-from-it/” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Dr Marty Becker’s Inspiring Story to Help End Declawing[/button]

2. Write a letter to the editor for your newspaper explaining declawing.

3. Hold a screening of the documentary The Paw Project, www.pawproject.org in your school or church or library.

4. At family get togethers, make sure you’ve educated and inspired everyone there to know that declawing is inhumane, unnecessary, and wrong.

5. If your personal veterinarian declaws kitties, respectfully reach out to them and ask them if they will stop. If they won’t, then let them know you will be taking your business to a humane vet who doesn’t declaw. There is a list of no-declaw doctors on my website, citythekitty.com

Join me if you’ve had enough of kitty torture. We are powerful in our numbers, and even more powerful in our passion.
Thank you, City the Kitty