Story published Dec. 1, 2021

Cats Only Veterinary Clinic put up this billboard in November 2021, on Harkrider St. at Bruce St. in Conway, AR which is around 50 miles from his clinic.

Here’s more about Cats Only Veterinary Clinic and declawing clinics in Searcy. Cats Only Veterinary Clinic and Declawing in Searcy, AR

According to an employee at his practice, he does at least 5 declaws a week and they charge $149 for a 2 paw declaw and $298 for a 4 paw declaw.


This veterinarian, Dr Stan Carlin, is declawing cats by chopping part their their last toe bone off. He is declawing cats using the old school, guillotine clipper method as he explains here on his website. He says that this method is the right way to declaw a cat. He says that it is a humane option and says, “Declaw Gently” on his website. Dr Stan Carlin’s declaw method

More about Dr Carlin’s declawing information. Cats Only Vet Clinic Declaw Info

Hundreds of cats in this town are walking around suffering in pain and discomfort because of the bone fragments in their paws like these that were found in a cat who was declawed with the guillotine clipper method. (Not affiliated with Cats Only Vet Clinic)

Cat owners, please learn about the facts about this cruel and inhumane amputation procedure and take the humane route of using sturdy scratching posts, scratching pads, nail trims, deterrents, Soft Paws, etc.

We can help you if you are having any issues.

Know the facts. Declawing is animal cruelty. Declawing Facts Vs Myths


We wanted to see why Cats Only Veterinary Clinic would put up a billboard advertising their declawing services in a town that is so far from their practice.

We wondered if Cats Only Veterinary Clinic put up this billboard because there aren’t any declawing veterinary practices in Conway, AR?

We did a little research and found 8 veterinary practices in Conway and 7 of them provide declawing.

The only clinic that is a no declaw clinic is St. Francis Veterinary Clinic which is also a Cat Friendly Practice. (AAFP banned declawing in all their Cat Friendly Practices on July 1, 2021.)

Here are the results of our short survey of all the vet clinics in Conway, AR. Our researchers made a short call and asked for the cost of a spay/declaw, who does their declaws, what method they use, and if declawing is ok for a cat long term.


1) Conway animal clinic.  They are a Cat Friendly Practice and AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital. (AAFP banned declawing in their Cat Friendly Practices on July 1, 2021.)

A spay/declaw is $250 and a neuter/declaw is $225. Dr Alice Smith does their declaws and she does them regularly. When asked if a declaw is ok for a cat long term they said, yes as long as they are young. They said that you don’t want to declaw a cat that’s been outside and is 2 or 3 years old but the smaller kitties absolutely turn out fine.

They said a 4 paw declaw is $175. Researcher asked if it’s more for a 3 year old cat. Employee said it’s really tough on them at that age but said their vet will do it but will only do the front. The employee said that the older cat has had their claws all their lives and it’s hard on them. They said they understand why and said, “I’m not saying that it’s bad and I don’t want to sound rude, it’s just harder on them because they have been alive for 3 years and they’ve had them and then you take them away and they have to completely readjust their whole lifestyle.” 

They suggested nail caps for older cats instead of declawing.

Researcher asked the employee about what age is best for a declaw and they said, “We like it at 6 months and under, usually 4-6 months” and said when they get them as babies and they know that they want to declaw them, that’s usually what they recommend.

We sent an email to Dr Smith asking her some questions, including why she is a Cat Friendly Practice and is still declawing cats.

We wanted to double check that they received the email since they often go to spam folders, so we made a phone call to ask them.

An employee confirmed that they declaw cats and said that they are a Cat Friendly Practice. The employee asked what’s your question. We said the number one question is why are you declawing cats when you are a Cat Friendly Practice. The employee said, “ Oh wow, no she’s probably not going to answer that.”   When we asked what her name was she hung up.

UPDATE Dec. 2, 2021. – Conway Animal Clinic took off the Cat Friendly Practice logo from their website but is still listed as a Cat Friendly Practice on  Does that mean Conway Animal Clinic stopped declawing cats?


2) St Francis Veterinary Clinic. They do not declaw cats.


3) Animal Care Veterinary Center  

The employee said Dr Rawn Gabbard requires a consultation before the declaw procedure. They said it’s not something that they like to do all the time and require an exam just to talk it over. They said that he won’t do 4 feet and if he does them they are the front feet.

Employee said declawing is a traumatic surgery since you are clipping off the top of their toes so a lot of vets don’t like to do them all the time and there is a risk of certain things. They said you probably something you should think twice about doing.


4) Outwest veterinary center and urgent care.  

Employee said that a Spay/Declaw $950.  Dr Gilkerson does their declaws. When asked if the cats are ok long term, the employee said yes.


5) Tucker Creek Vet

Researcher asked for the cost of a spay/declaw and the employee asked, “Do you want all four?”

A 4 paw declaw is $315 and a spay/4 paw declaw is $420. They said that Dr Thomas Cabantac and Dr Kody Griffen do their declaws and it’s a common procedure they perform. When asked if declawing is ok for a cat long term the employee said yes as long as the cat is an inside cat.


6) Hartman Animal Hospital  

When our researcher asked for the cost of a spay/declaw the employee asked , “Just the front declaw?”

Employee said that Dr Roath does the declaws with a cauterizing tool and she does them every week.

When asked if a declaw is ok for a cat long term the employee said yes and they have been there for many years and never saw any issues. They said that their paws will be tender for a few days and they typically only declaw cats at a young age and not over a year old.

A 2 paw declaw/spay is $500 and a 4 paw declaw/spay is $575.


7) West Prince Animal Hospital

A spay/declaw for a cat who is under 6 lbs is $359.75 and over 6 lbs is $438.90.  

They said Dr Mike Beard uses a clipper to do their declaws. Asked if the cats are ok long term and the employee said, “Yes, else we wouldn’t do it.”  

They said they only do the front feet.


8) Chestnut Animal Clinic. 

Employee said that a spay/4 paw is from $630- $780. They said that they don’t like to do the declaws on a cat that’s over 2 years old.