A Declawing Horror Story at a Standard of Excellence, AAHA Hospital

This is a horrific story about 3 kitties named Teeger, Abby, and Ryder, whose lives have been tragically ruined because of being declawed.

New Facebook page- City the Kitty Advocate for Animals

About a year ago I took up this important cause to help end declawing. Together, with the Paw Project and other devoted people and groups who care about the welfare of kitties, we have made great strides in educating others and creating a lot of awareness.

City the Kitty’s official statement about America’s Favorite Veterinarian contest

September 12, 2015—City the Kitty, the internet’s beloved 13 lb. orange Manx and polydactyl cat, learned on August 14, 2015 about the AVMA/AVMF’s America’s Favorite Veterinarian contest with 13 days left in the voting.

New Website

These are exciting times my friends. City the Kitty and I welcome you to his new website. I’m so happy that I can write a bit about his escapades and what’s going on in his life.