In June, 2016, the New York State Veterinary Medical Society ,  Long Island Veterinary Medical Association, and other vet associations in NY stopped our important Cat Protection Bill.

This bill would have kept all kittens and cats from having their toe bones and claws amputated. Declawing is the most cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary surgery in veterinary medicine and it is an elective, non-therapeutic mutilating procedure and NOT a medical procedure.ToeBones

The NYSVMS sent this smug email (below) to their 5000 veterinary members yesterday about their victory. They are so proud of this accomplishment of stopping our important declawing bill AND the bill that would have banned the cruel and inhumane mutilating procedure that silences a dog’s voice. As with declawing, this procedure provides no medical benefit to dogs and are done solely for the convenience of the owners.

There are always safe, common sense, and humane alternatives for the natural scratching behavior in cats and the barking in dogs.

The NYSVMS and other veterinary associations don’t want anyone to take away their “medical procedures” because they are “licensed professional veterinarians” and they know the best “medical treatment decisions that are in the best interests of their patients.”


Declawing and devocalization are NEVER in the best interests of a cat or a dog!

They tout their victory over a “small minority of consumers.”

And what the heck does this mean, their leadership, “provided factual and statistically relevant documents that served to address the more global issue at hand.”

Maybe if these unethical human beings would follow in the ethical and compassionate path that most of their veterinarian colleagues throughout the world are taking (and many in America who have stopped declawing cats), where declawing is banned or considered unethical and not performed, then these pro-declaw and pro-devocalization leaders and veterinarians won’t be a shame to this noble profession anymore.

Maybe we should respectfully let them know that we aren’t a small minority and educate them about our factual and statistically relevant information and stories about how most of their pro-declaw veterinarians are making the WORST medical treatment decisions for all their patients (kittens and cats) and amputating their toes as a first option for the most unethical reasons.

And how most of the pro-declaw veterinarians, including the President of the NYSVMS, Dr Susan Wylegala,  like to combine the declaws with spay/neuter surgeries (Her employees say that) and amputate the toes from KITTENS who haven’t even had the chance to prove that they will use scratchers instead of their owners beloved and cherished leather sofa. She also said on her website that burning off kittens and cat’s toes (laser declaw)  is “much more humane” with a laser than the traditional way.

More about how their President addressed declawing at her NY veterinary practice [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Pres. of NYSVMS & Declawing[/button]

Although at her practice that she owns, she also the “traditional” and inhumane way to her clients for $100 less.

Hmmmm. Talk about cruel.

Please don’t threaten any of these “doctors.” Despite this evil and appalling path that they are taking, we must do the right thing and take the high road even though they aren’t. If you threaten them in any way, they will twist things and play the victim. We know that the only victims are all the kitties (and dogs)  that they are senselessly and cruelly mutilating and harming. We can show them that we are more than just a small minority and we can educate them with the facts and we can shine light on their lies and unethical ways. 

Tell all your friends, family, and co-workers to ask their vets to stop declawing and if they won’t stop then ask them to take their business to an ethical, no-declaw veterinarian.

Here is the email that the NYSVMS sent to their vet members yesterday. NYSVMSWin

Curiously, the Pres of the NYSVMS,  Dr Susan Wylegala, didn’t sign her name to this email like she usually does. Hmmmmm.

In case you are wondering who these lawyer friends, Alexander Betke, and other, they are with the law firm Wilson Elser [button href=”″ color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Wilson Elser Law Firm FB page[/button] , who the NYSVMS paid at least $98,000 to, to lobby for them and stop our NY bill. Can you imagine being a lawyer and working for an organization that wants to keep animal cruelty going in America. It shows that some human beings will take money and do anything, no matter how it hurts animals or people.

Here is more about how the NYSVMS successfully stopped our Cat Protection Bill and how they gloat about it and say they “scored a major win for the veterinary profession” and “we scored a direct hit.”  [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] NYSVMS Major Win[/button]

Here is how these unethical veterinary leaders even asked their vet members to go against their own personal convictions and even if they believe declawing is inhumane and wrong to help stop this declawing bill [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] LIVMA leader asks her vets to go against their conscience [/button]

Folks these are kittens and cat’s lives they are talking about in such a callous way. AVMACollageDeclawedBanner Declawed KittiesVet collageGod Givith copy

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