Dear Beth,

 I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings and made you think that I don’t appreciate what you do for cats.  Nothing in my comments on the photo of the sad, declawed cat on your instagram page conveyed that you or your rescue condone declawing.  I know that you and Animal League believe declawing is bad and wrong and that’s why I asked if you would use your voices for support instead of staying silent on this Cat Protection Bil.l (NY bill to ban declawing)

 I’m really sad that you deleted ALL my respectful comments on that photo that were explaining all of this and why we desperately need yours and North Shore Animal League’s simple statement of support. Now all your followers just think I’m a mean kitty when, if they knew all of this information, they would also hope that you and North Shore would support this bill so that we could end this inhumane procedure next month.

I believe you have a lot of influence with North Shore Animal League and was hoping you would inspire them to join HSUS, Alley Cat Allies, and many other rescues/shelters in publicly supporting the bill. You wouldn’t even have to do what those two big ones are doing as far as actively working to help get this cat bill passed. Just simply put your name and North Shore Animal League down as official supporters of this important bill to end declawing in your state. It literally would take less than 5 minutes of both your time to help possibly save lifetimes of cats from this suffering and torture.

You say you hope that declawing ends, well hope and wishing this horrific procedure would end, isn’t going to work to end declawing in New York. The sad truth is the bill won’t pass without support from all the influential animal voices in New York like you and Animal League.

  I know that I’ve already sent you many tweets, notes, and a long personal impassioned letter after North Shore Animal League’s Director of Communications told me to write, and would personally give to you, but I am one for not ever giving up.  Especially if I know kitties are suffering, it was a last ditch effort.  Since I can’t reach you privately, I’m hoping that you will somehow read this and possibly understand.

   I know you are so busy fostering all those amazing kitties with your awesome cat daddy Howard, and working so hard to find them homes. I honestly believed that maybe finally I could write something that would wake you up to realize that if you and your big influential rescue would come out of your SILENCE and simply say that you support this Cat Protection Bill in your state, then kitties might have a better chance of being forever safe from this horrific thing. After all, North Shore Animal League passionately supported legislation and raised awareness to save puppies in puppy mills and horses in carriages so why not cats?

 Then, if this bill somehow makes it to the voting phase next month, the NY legislators will see your influential voices and names on the list of supporters for the side of good, and be more inclined to join us to help protect all cats in NY. 

  In a situation that we all should be celebrating this easy passage of a bill that would help the welfare of cats in NY , sadly there is very dark and evil side of this bill that you and your loyal followers might not know about.

Some of the powerful “doctors” of veterinary medicine in NY, who took an oath to help and heal animals, are the ones who are working aggressively to try to kill this bill that is GOOD for cats but bad for their pocketbooks. [button href=”” newwindow=”yes”] NYSVMS and the declawing bill[/button]  

Yep, it’s sadly true. The ones who should be on our side to help END this mutilating surgery, are the ones who are trying to allow the unnecessary destruction of cat’s paws and lives to continue.

 The NYSVMS President said in her first statement in their newsletter in January that their “legislative goals for 2106 include preventing the movement of bills aimed at prohibiting the declawing of cats and devocalization of dogs.” [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] NYSVMS Trying to Stop the Cat bill[/button]

 Yep, and just to give you an example of how dark this side is, this President’s practice asks cat owners if they want “2 paws or 4 paws, laser or traditional” when they ask how much a declaw costs. Not one mention that declaws are bad. This President declaws cats as young as 3-4 months and doesn’t counsel these cat owners with the humane options.  For $1005.74 she will spay and declaw your 5 month old kitten on all four paws. This President will laser declaw your 3 month old kitten with a neuter for $560.87 and they say they like to combine both surgeries because there is one stress on the body and he’s only getting anesthesia once.” I even received a letter from a cat client who went to this practice and said the veterinary professionals there regularly say things like, “Are you thinking about declawing your kitten?” Or they ask “are we going to do a declaw procedure?” [button href=”” newwindow=”yes”] NYSVMS President and declawing[/button]

Last re$ort?

Yep, these little kittens don’t even have a chance to prove they can live a life with their much needed toes and claws and use scratchers. And this list goes on and on with many of their board members and then out to the 5000 plus vets in NY with this kind of hypocritical behavior when it comes to declawing.

For most of them, the “last resort” is just a politically correct smokescreen they like to throw out.  And guess who keeps making money at the expense of these little innocent and perfect little feline friends. Yep, they are, and lots and lots of it.

 This is just the tip of the dirty iceberg that I’ve uncovered and that cat clients of these practices have told informed me about.

 The politics of paws isn’t pretty and these doctors and leaders in the NYSVMS have spent $98,000 already to be able to keep this ugly secret going.

 Can you imagine how that $98,000 could have been used to help find shelter cats homes or HELPED animals in some positive way instead? Or it could have been donated to North Shore Animal League to help get all the cats adopted.

  You know, I’ve been a big fan of what you do for cats and have even bought your books in support, despite my mom and I not having much of an income because we are working our every waking hour as a volunteer on this cause to end this inhumane thing.

 So to all of your loyal supporters who bashed me and still are for simply reminding you how urgent the situation is with this bill, I would hope they look into the full story to see why I passionately tried to ask for your support one last time on this sad photo.


  What good is your voice if you don’t use it to help end something so inhumane and cruel done to cats and something that you believe is wrong and should end.

 It will probably take something short of a miracle to get this bill passed, but with yours and North Shore Animal League’s support, it will be one step closer for all of us to be celebrating that miracle.

 Think of how good your heart will feel knowing that you used your voice and were a part of helping to keep ALL kitties paws safe from this unimaginable harm. I can see that bright future Beth and with yours and Animal League’s help, it is right around the corner.

 We are on the same side, the good guys side, and are both working passionately to save all cats from unnecessary suffering and to help give them happy and healthy 9 lives.

Will you please join us in this urgent plea?


City the Kitty

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In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friendsMLK