We Trusted Our Vet

Here’s a note I received from Deborah from Windsor Ontario Canada about her kitties Paisley, left, and Lou, right.


Dear City,
 Right after I moved out of my parents home, my fiancé and I got 2 cats since we’re both animal lovers.
Our kitties needed to be spayed and neutered. We ended up getting them declawed (front) as well. We thought that was ok…we were young.
The reason we thought this, was partially due to ignorance, but it was also trust. We trusted out vet. He said it was easier to fix and declaw at the same time.
At that point there had been no destruction in the home and scratching posts were being used. The thought of declawing hadn’t even entered our minds.
Our vet told us that declawing should be done to be proactive. Never once did he mention he could teach us how to trim our cats nails. He didn’t offer a choice. He didn’t offer any education as to what the operation entailed. It was all so routine. Like it was just ‘what you did’.
We trusted our vet with the care of our babies. He hurt them and we didn’t even know it. What is even worse, is that he thinks he was providing a SERVICE to us.
I’ve not once had a vet explain to me the horrible side of declawing but they are quick to offer it as a “proactive solution”.
Solution to what??? I have multiple scratching  posts and pads. Never have I had to retrain a cat to not use the furniture.
Both cats lived to double digits. Lou was fine, however Paisley was ‘difficult’ from that moment on. Not horrible, but moody and prone to swiping and nipping.
Obviously I wasn’t a very good animal lover.
I realized later that she spent her life in pain. I thought she was just a difficult cat. But I still smothered her with love when she would let me. By the time I was ready for 2 new cats, I had become aware of the torture.
I have never declawed a cat since, and I’ve had 7 since my poor Paisley. When friends get a new cat, I make sure that I pass on whatever education I can. If I can change 1 persons mind…..
I’m sad because we have no local vets that refuse to declaw. But I do regularly bring it up to my vet. I keep telling him he would be the FIRST in our area.
I get that he’s nervous to remove that service. It’s a small, new practice. I’m trying not to be judgemental, but I won’t ever stop educating him on this practice.
And he knows should someone have the nerve to step up and change their practice, then I will leave. So City… When I knew better, I did better.
I hope through education I can change as many minds as possible.
Love you City ❤