September 10, 2018

This is a classic case of willful ignorance when it come to declawing.

This cat owner is a perfect example of why we must ban declawing. No matter what facts, studies, and information that you show them about how declawing is inhumane and mutilating, there will always be people who just don’t want to believe the awful truth.

My mom is an accomplished journalist and double checks the facts in her stories. She takes her job of writing stories in her advocacy against declawing seriously and publishes the facts. If there is something in a story that isn’t a fact and someone alerts us to this, we publish a correction if there is indeed a mistake.

So why isn’t this woman telling us where we published this false information?

She has written me countless emails from two different accounts, one email is the same as this twitter account,

She even made an account on facebook and started harassing me on there. She apologized yesterday for making this account.

She even sent me this photo of her declawed cat playing on the scratching post to try to convince me that her cat is completely fine after having its toe bones and claws amputated.

It is clear that she doesn’t want to believe that her declawing vet husband has harmed her beloved kitties by barbarically amputating their toe bones. Many people, no matter how many facts and studies you give them about declawing, will never believe that it is harmful to their kitty. This is why we must ban it.

She even sent me an email with the words, “Here is an article from JAVMA. It is not as bad as your group is trying to make it.”

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Here’s more about this story.

A woman wrote me and said, “Get your facts right.”

So my mom reached out to her and asked her for more details. She said that I claimed that their humane society declaws before adoption. She wouldn’t tell me where I posted that so that I can issue a correction if I did indeed make a mistake.

She said she gave me two clues in her emails as to what humane society she is referring to.  Here are her emails. If you know what Humane Society in Michigan she is referring to, please send me an email to

“It’s me again. Get them right. The former director of the humane society works for us. They DO NOT declaw before adoption and do NOT abdicate it. They do council, but it is NOT done at our society They only spray and neuter.

Also, if you get your facts right the anesthesia and pain control meds in the right proportions there is minimal pain and they are up on their feet usually after 6 to 8 hours. Actually a spay is more painful than a declaw. That is open abdominal surgery.

I think you saw my cat’s picture and yop CANNOT tell he is declawed. He chases his Siamese sister,also declared, through the house. NO PAIN.

I agree that doing it with the lasers is not humane. But done properly it does not have to be painful. We have seen several cases of “other clinics” using the laser and have mutilated the poor cat. This is what I do not agree with.

Michigan State does not teach it to students.
Check out the study where the lady I talked to used her cat. On two feet it was done the convential way, and the other was done with the laser. Ease foot came out the same.

Probably because the surgeons did it and she is concerned about laser declaw not being done right.

Also, our society will NOT adopt to people who will have it an outside cat.”

“Hey Lisa,
Thanks for the note.
Once again you’re going to have to send me the story that you’re referring to and the specific information in it. What Humane Society are you talking about there are thousands of them throughout the country.  So what is your position at this Humane Society? Did I do a story about your organization?
I have no idea what the picture is of your cat. I see hundreds of each day.
 Where is your proof that a spay is more painful then a toe bone amputation?
 Also have you learned the language that kitties speak? Do you know how to tell if a cat is in pain?  Just because your cat’s paws look normal doesn’t mean that he is not in pain and just because he plays doesn’t mean he doesn’t have discomfort in his paws where his toe bones and claws were amputated.
I’d love to see the study you are referring to so it would be helpful if you would send a link to it. I have never heard of that study where they did a declaw in two different ways.
 And just give me a little understanding  as to why you think amputating the toe bones and claws from a cat is not painful? Do you understand how amputating those body parts does change the way that a cat walks and walking on those amputations for the rest of their lives always causes some sort of discomfort and pain?
Also, please send the post or story that I did that said a humane society in Michigan declaws cats. You seem very passionate about defending this very inhumane and mutilating procedure, so I’m just curious why is that? Is it because you declaw your kitties and just don’t want to believe that you are harming your beloved kitties in any way?
Oh and declawing is listed in all professional pain books as severe pain. Spay is never listed as severe pain. Where are you getting your information Lisa? Are you a veterinary professional, a volunteer, an employee of this Michigan humane society? It would be helpful if you educated yourself about the facts before you come after me. I post only facts that are backed up by studies and by information from veterinary professionals who are experts in this field.
Do you educate the public with this false information at your humane society? ”

From Lisa,
“Hello again,
I am the wife of a veterinarian. That is where I get my information. He has the DVM credentials. What are your veterinarian credentials?
My cats walk and run just fine, as do all of the declaws he has done for his clients. As I said, “when the anesthesia/pain control proportions are right, they are up on their feet after around 6 hours of recovery time.” That info comes from my DVM husband.
He does not use a scapel or heat laser, but does cold laser thearpy after surgeries to speed up healing time. He has seen some botched ones from using the heat laser to declaw. And he agrees that animals that do not have retractable claws CANNOT be declawed.

You claimed that our humaine society declaws before adoption. Since the former director of ours works for us, she has confirmed that they do not declaw. They just spay and neuter.

I will defend my Veterinary husband and his procedures.
He is not in it for the money or we would have a 6 figure income and he would be retired.  He has clients going back 3 generations so he must be doing something right.
I am sorry, but we feel it is better to declaw over euthanasia or getting rid of it. Many clients come in saying they have to get rid of the cat, declaw or euthanize it. We feel it better to declaw or have them euthanized because of destructive behavior.
As for the spay, it is open abdominal surgery. The lining of abdominal cavity has some of the most sensitive tissue in the body. There are 3 types of healing with a spay, the abdominal muscle (which takes the longest to heal), the uterine stumps and the attachments of the ovarian peticles(attachments of the ovaries)
As for the study at Michigan State, call them. They do not teach it to the students but the surgeons will do it.
As for the humane society, I have no involvement, just the information from our employee.


OK once again I’m telling you if this has to do with the Houston Humane Society, then it is a fact that they declaw cats in their wellness clinic that are up for adoption if people request it. Obviously  you’re not giving me the name of your Humane Society because I’m pretty sure I never said that about a Humane Society other than HHS.  The employee that told you that is not being truthful and if somehow I’ve missed something that I’ve posted somewhere then obviously you need to share it with me because that would be something that I would remember just like I know that Houston Humane Society declaws cats. I’m pretty sure I never claimed what your employee is saying that I posted.
 Are you possibly talking about an animal rescue in White cloud Michigan?
Was your husband’s practice involved in the study that I did recently?
 Second of all it sounds like your husband declaws cats by using his guillotine clipper and chopping off their toe bones. This has been proven to be the most mutilating and inhumane method of amputating a cats toe bones. Your husband sounds like he needs to take a refresher CE course about the latest in veterinary medicine when it comes to this mutilating and barbaric procedure.
Maybe you can go to the Paw and read about the facts and then educate your husband who is harming and mutilating cats pause at his veterinary practice.
 Actually I get all my information from some of the top veterinarians in the vet profession who obviously have a lot more knowledge about this inhumane procedure than your husband does.
It’s sad that he’s deceiving you about how he harms and mutilates many cats paws when scientific studies show that it always harms the health and well-being of a cat.
 I’m sorry Lisa that someone that is so close to you isn’t telling you the truth and an employee that works for you is also not telling the truth.

Animal cruelty is a horrible thing and it is a fact that declawing is  very inhumane, mutilating, and never necessary. It’s banned in 42 countries and they don’t seem to have a problem with using that easy humane options. There’s never a reason to euthanize a perfectly healthy cat and all scratching behavior issues can be dealt with with humane options.

From Lisa,

“Once again, get your facts straight.

This has nothing to do with Texas or White Cloud MI. Our clinic was not in your study and would not participate in one.  My husband is not deceiving me or anyone else and has the cliental and is booked out 3 to 4 weeks for surgery.

He would participate in a double blind study by a university that  would have to be evaluated by at least  two independent evaluators. (That means not ones chosen by you)

My husband will not give you the time of day. You get your info from Dr. Internet.  He is just as qualified or more  qualified as your so called “top vet experts”

You have a lot of nerve telling us our employee who started our society from the ground up is a liar. She went to vet tech school and probably knows more about cats and veterinary practice than you and you and so called “vet experts” do.

From what we are reading about you, it sounds like you try to run a rescue and are possibly a hoarder. Your rants fit people who rescue and possible hoard.

You seem to think he uses the guillotine clipper. He does not know what that is.

You seem to think I need to go to paw  cause and educate MY husband. He would attend an event but only if he is given equal time to present his case.

Yes animal cruelty us awful and he is not doing that. Ask his clients.

The American Veterinary Association does support declawing  but they do encourage counseling. You do not even gave the AVA on your side, but you have Hollywood and Colorado fanatics to back you.

You need to see how a spay is done and how many layers have to be gone through to reach the uterus. Have your “so called” vet experts explain that and the pain associated with it  to you.

Try telling my cats they are mutilated then watch them run through the house. They move and run no different than a cat who has claws. My friends cat has claws and moves no different than my cats.

As for you saying our vet tech is a liar,  she is now on a mission to expose you for what you are. (She said that the name of her vet ttech is Mindy.)


From Lisa,

“Then quit saying my husband is mutilating animals. He does not. Your stories make no sense either. You are just another fanatic that has no proof  or credentials to back up what you say. You do not even have the AVA behind you.

Ask your Dr. Internet or so called “vet experts” how a many layers need go be gone through to get to the uterus for spaying. You do not seem to have a problem with that pain. Also have them explain pain control to anesthesia proportions  to you. That helps with pain control.

My husbands time is valuable too, which is why I will defend him to the likes of fanatics like you and your group.

You never mentioned him getting to present his side of the story about declawing being done humanely.

Your lies are that declawing cannot be done humanly when it can.”

Any vet who declaws cats mutilating and harming them for life. That’s a fact that’s been proven in studies. Why do you think it’s banned in 42 countries and Canadian vets are voting to ban it, so far in BC and Nova Scotia.
The UK royal college of veterinary medicine, one of the most respected and acclaimed veterinary colleges, calls declawing mutilation.
 First of all you’re not answering my question about the Humane Society so obviously my facts in my stories are correct.
 Sad to see people who say they love their cats,  being so passionate to defend this barbaric and Inhumane amputation procedure.
 Maybe you are confused and have the wrong person.
 If your husband doesn’t use a laser or a scalpel what amputation tool does he use? Did he invent a new one?
 If your husband wants to present his side of things then send them my way and tell me what story I need to get my facts right.
 Otherwise I think maybe you just want attention and keep writing me the same things over and over again and not answering my questions.
I think it’s clear that you don’t want to accept  that all my stories have the facts in them and you don’t want to feel guilty that your beloved kitty was mutilated and harmed.
By the way, it’s AVMA not Ava and you and your husband might get up to speed about declawing.
I’m done with this absurdity.
Someday you will realize that any vet who amputates the toe bones on cats is dishonoring their oath and is a complete shame to the veterinary profession.
THis isn’t a game Lisa. If I have a story that has false info in it then tell me what the story is. Otherwise it’s all just bs from you whose trying to convince me that a mutilating, inhumane, and harmful procedure to a cat can be done humanely.  You are so very wrong and both you and your husband need to get educated about the facts and join the modern world.
Cowards play games and don’t tell me what I made a mistake on. If that’s the route that you want to take, so be it.

Declawing will be banned in America within the next 5-10 years and then you will realize everything I stated was fact.

From Lisa,
“Do not count on that.
Prove your facts. You have no credentials and we will expose you!!!
It can be done humanily and you cannot accept that fact.
You stated a shelter in Michigan advocates declawing before adoption. Our vet tech started that clinic from the ground up and they DO NOT advocate declawing or even do it there. And this is not white cloud. Get your facts right.
You are educated, especially in fanatical groups but that is all. You will not consider that the procedure can be done humanly. My husband does not chop, slice or burn claws off. Get your facts straight.
The only credentials you have are that you take pictures and start fanatic groups. My husband has the DVM Degree. I have a RDH degree.
There is nothing wrong with my cats or any of the declaws he has done on clients. It does not take 14 days to heal, as you claim.
My cats slept for the first day (the pain meds) and we’re up and around the next day. You do not know my cats so do not tell me that they are deformed or mutulated because they are not. It sounds like some of the vets you refer to do not know how to do the procedure or get the anesthesia pain control proportions correct. It sounds like all of you need some CE’s.
You refuse to talk about pain from abdominal surgery or doing a double blind study with INDEPENDENT inspectors. What are you afraid of. That we might prove you wrong?
Not every respected organization agrees with you. They may listen to you but they still declaw.
It will not be banned in the US as you seem to think. Like I said, you do not have the AVA behind you. They are not unethical.  The more I read about you and your group, you seem to be the unethical group, begging for money. Are you a non profit. Maybe you need to be investigated.”