Story published on Jul 17, 2021

Here’s an AAHA Hospital, Hope Springs Veterinary in Virginia, that advertising declawing, tail docking, and ear cropping on their website. Link to this info on their website. Hope Springs Veterinary, VA, declawing link

PLEASE TAKE 60 SECONDS AND SIGN OUR PETITION TO AAHA. (You don’t have to donate to change. org to sign it.) AAHA Petition claims that their accredited animal hospitals are the standard of excellence in veterinary medicine. They have 900 standards of care.

AAHA banned nonanesthesia dentals in 2013. AAHA said in their 2015 declawing position statement that they are strongly opposed to declawing. AAHA allows their accredited animal hospitals to declaw cats.

May 2024. Employee said that you would need to make an appointment before July 1st for the declaw because it will be illegal in the state on that day. The employee said a declaw is around $1100- $1300.

2021. We wanted to look into how Hope Springs Veterinary addresses declawing so our researchers called them and asked for a price of a declaw, what vets do the declaws, and if declawing is ok for a cat long term.

Here’s what we found. Hope Springs Veterinary has three locations. Their Pembroke location in Virginia Beach is the declawing hospital. Employee said that they have a few vets who declaw cats, including their owner, Dr Richard Bailey who has been working as a vet for over 40 years. They said that all those vets do a “fantastic job” at the declaws. They said that Dr Richard Baily, the owner vet, is more than comfortable and confidant at doing the declaws.

They said that a declaw is from $900- $956, the cats stay overnight because it can be an invasive procedure so they are monitored. When asked if a declaw is ok for a cat long term, the employee said that the cats are completely fine. When asked if they also do 4 paw declaws, the employee said, “If you want all 4, I’m sure we can do that” but that most people do the front paws.