I received this awesome note from my friend and amazing veterinarian, Dr Lynn Bahr.  Dr Bahr has never declawed a kitty and is a shining example of a doctor who is part of the solution to end declawing in America.

If you haven’t read the story about Mouse the Kitten, here it is. It will inspire you to believe that you can make a big positive difference, even if it is for just one kitty.  [button href=”https://citythekitty.org/the-little-kitten-that-was-saved-from-being-declawed/” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] The Story about Mouse the Kitten[/button]


Dear City the Kitty,


Bless you for educating Mouse’s owners on the alternatives to declawing and kudos to them for listening and choosing the right option to leave her toes intact.  She is one lucky kitty.


Since her owners are such great pet parents, I would like to support and help them teach their baby proper feline manners.  Having several scratch posts that appeal to Mouse will make a huge difference and is critical to their success.

In Mouse’s honor, I would like to offer City’s fan club a 15% off, limited discount through the month of July, on Dezi & Roo’s World’s Best Scratch Post.  They can purchase it directly from City’s store at  [button href=”http://citythekitty.deziroo.com/” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] City the Kitty Dezi & Roo shop[/button]   Discount code CTK.


All cats need a variety of scratch posts, placed correctly around the home, and ones that have been chosen specifically for them.  It upsets me when I hear the term “inappropriate scratching” as I don’t believe there is such a thing.  Cats scratch and it is totally appropriate.

The only thing inappropriate is cats living in homes without the right scratching surfaces in which to express their true nature.  All cats are different and what appeals to one might not to another.   Variety and alternatives are mandatory and placement is critical too.

I counsel my clients to place posts in prominent locations, offering both sisal and cardboard, as well as, horizontal and vertical and to offer various shaped ones too.   Cats given scratch posts that feel good to them and are placed in areas that promote communication and socialization will not destroy their parent’s good furniture.  They will prefer their own.


I am attaching pictures of my own precious cat enjoying the perch on top of her post.  It is placed next to a window where she loves to bask in the sun and watch the world outside.  She frequently plays “ring around the rosey” along the base, and also scratches on it daily.  Why would she want to use my furniture when she is so content with her own?


By talking about the cruel practice of declawing, City, you are making a difference in so many cats’ lives.  You made a huge difference in Mouse’s.

Thank you for what you do and keep fighting this worthy cause.   If Mouse’s parents need veterinarian advice with regards to her scratching, I would be more than happy to consult with them.  I am thrilled they decided to the right thing for her and know she is too.


Meows and purrs,

Lynn Bahr, DVM

Dezi & Roo, Pet Solutions  Specialist