I am City the Kitty,
I am the enemy of evil. I am the ally of all cats.
I am the enemy because I protect kitties’ toes.  I am the protector of paws.
I believe in the little Engine that Could.
I am the enemy because I am a cat. I am the ally of anyone who cares to know me, love me and support me.
I believe in good over bad.
I believe in David over Goliath because a wrong is never right.
I believe that love is more powerful than hate.
I believe veterinarians should honor their oath and only heal and not inflict pain and suffering.
I believe all cat owners should put the welfare of their kitties over the welfare of their possessions.
I believe doing anything you can, in a respectful and educational way, to stop cruelty, pain, and suffering in animals is more important than greed or a piece of furniture.
I am the enemy of apathy because I believe every life matters.
I am the enemy of declawing for trying to overthrow the status quo of torture.
I am the voice for those who don’t have one.
I am the enemy of evil.
Whose side are you on?
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