“As a veterinarian what I am not thrilled with is the legislature wanting to insert itself into my professional capacity. I am the one who is the authority, I have gone through the classes, I have had the instruction, I spent eight years of my life becoming very educated about these things. I think it comes down to being involved in the details of the procedure and knowing the situation in which you apply the procedure,” says Dr Chris Brockett, 2014 President of the NYSVMS, speaking about the anti-declawing bill in NY in this news video.

Yes, when you’re in Gitmo and want to extract information or in Yakuza and you want to punish people. It doesn’t take 8 years of education to know what’s cruel and mutilating. That 8 years would have been better spent with empathy and compassion training Mr Authority on cat cruelty and abuse.

The NYSVMS is spending thousands of dollars to stop the anti-declawing bill in NY. [button href=”https://citythekitty.org/we-lost-a-big-battle-today-but-we-must-never-give-up/” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] The NYSVMS stopped the anti-declawing bill[/button]

This vet in the video who was the 2014 NYSVMS President said this in a New York Daily News story in Jan 2015,  “You are taking away a decision that should be made between an owner and the medical professional,” said Chris Brockett, immediate past president of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society. Brockett said Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal’s bill, if approved, would lead to more cats being abandoned by frustrated owners. “I don’t think (declawing) should be an owner’s first option, but it should be an option,” said Brockett, who operates a veterinary hospital in upstate Saratoga.  Brockett rejected the argument that the procedure is inhumane.  “Every cat I have ever owned I have declawed and there is no impact on their life expectancy,” Brockett said. “There is no behavior change.”

Yes, Mr Authority on cat torture and cruelty. Your cats lived many years of pain and suffering from walking on their amputations. Here is a new study that shows declawing causes pain and suffering in cats. [button href=”https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-05/s-dlt052317.php” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Declawing is harmful to cats- study[/button]

Just so you can see how his practice addresses declawing here are some examples. You can make an appointment to get your cat declawed and just need an exam, $74, and blood work, $61, to make sure the cat is ok to go under anesthesia.

Cat owners asked a few employees on phone calls about getting their cats declawed. Here is what Dr Brockett’s practice told them.

Employee at Saratoga vet practice recommends to get it done with Dr Chris Brockett and says, “I know that a lot of places don’t do them around here anymore and he (Dr Brockett) is one that does so he is really good at it.”

Employee says that they use the “surgical disarticulation” method of declawing.  They say that any 4 of their doctors are good at declaws and that Dr Chris Brockett and Dr Leisa Brockett are the owners and very experienced.

Cat owner asked how many declaws they do a year and employee said, “a decent amount per year.”

Asked if their cat would be ok long term and employee said that the cat will be completely healed in 7-14 days especially if they are younger kittens. They said they don’t see many problems from the declaws except that the cat might shake its paws or maybe lick them a bit.  They send you home with Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter. Please sign my petition to Purina. They are making millions of dollars each year from declawing vets. [button href=”http://bit.ly/PurinaPetition” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Purina Petition[/button]

Spay/declaw package is $519.40.

Dr Chris will even declaw a 2 year old cat one employee said and the cost is $707. The employee said the declaw might take a little bit longer to heal for a 2 yr old but that the cat would be ok, and that it depends on the general health of the cat.


Please take 30 seconds and sign my petitions and the Paw Project’s petition for the bill in NY to ban declawing.