Story published in September 2017.

2023. This Illinois vet, Dr Donald St Ledger, a 45 yr American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) member vet, is still working at this Albion Veterinary clinic in Illinois.

Irma the cat is one of the many innocent cats that Dr St Ledger has declawed.  They do not give take home pain meds for their declawed cats.

Here’s an example of one of the many old school, unethical, and inhumane vets who is torturing and harming many cats for life by barbarically amputating their toe bones and claws.

This vet, Dr Donald St Ledger, a 45 yr American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) member vet, who went to University of Illinois has been and is STILL declawing cats of any age on 2 and 4 paws and NOT USING ANY PAIN MEDS at Albion Veterinary Clinic in Illinois.

January 2019 update. Dr Donald St. Ledger is  now retired but is still declawing cats at this practice. They still don’t give the cat pain meds to take home because they say it will make the cat do more than they should.

Our researchers looked into how they address declawing at this practice and the employee confirmed that Irma the cat had a 2 paw declaw and spay at this practice and paid $110.
Researcher asked for the cost of a declaw for a 7 month old and 3 ½ yr old cat, the receptionist asks if you want a 2 paw or 4 paw declaw.

They say it is $105 for an all four paw declaw or $140 for a spay/4 paw declaw. They say that your cat will get stitches and you don’t need to come back in because the cat will work it out on it’s own and lick their paws and take them out that way.

They also don’t give any pain meds and say that it’s because animals don’t know that they should rest so if you give them pain meds it could make it worse for them. So basically they are saying it’s better for the cats to recover in agony so that they stay immobile.

One employee also said that cat’s don’t tolerate pain meds very well so that’s why they don’t give them after the declaws.
When a cat owner asks the receptionist how the vet does the declaw she says that it is a surgical procedure to remove the nails and the portion that contains the claws. When pressed if it’s the guillotine or scalpel method the receptionist said, “Is that going to make a difference? I’m concerned that you are questioning how our doctor does a standard procedure. “

She said, “You are questioning a professional veterinary office.” She said that she was not going to discuss his procedures and maybe the researcher should find another vet practice.

When asked if the cats would be ok long term from a declaw, they said yes they would be fine but the older one will be sore but would “get over it” and that they can’t say there’s never a problem but usually they don’t have issues with their declaws.

We also privately reached out to this cat owner to tell her that her vet lied to her about the pain meds and deceived her about this mutilating procedure and she told us to, “mind your own f&%#@ing business.”

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Also the AVMA says that pain meds are necessary and NOT ELECTIVE! AVMA Declawing Info

Anyone can file a complaint to the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation about this situation.” c 


Here is another long time AVMA vet that isn’t using pain meds after he declaws cats. Declawed with no pain meds

Here is the Oklahoma complaint form page [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Oklahoma complaint form[/button]