New York State banned declawing in 2019.   We did a quick survey of some veterinary practices that border NY state and found that many of them are declawing cats for New Yorkers.  Here are some of the examples.

Pet Day Surgery, Lebanon, PA.

This declawing vet is a long time AVMA veterinarian.

Sign is from Google Maps, August 2021.


More about this declawing vet at Pet Day Surgery.  PA Declawing Vet Says She does A Near pain free declaw


Wellsboro Small Animal Hospital. Middlebury, PA

A declaw is $150. They said that they get people all the time from NY coming in for a declaw.


Athens Anima Hospital. Athens, PA

They said that they aren’t taking in new clients but if you come in for just the declaw they will do it. They said that they get people from NY all the time coming in for a declaw.


Russell Veterinary Hospital, Russell, PA

Employee said that they get people who come from NY for a declaw. They said a declaw is around $400-$500. Employee said declawing is a last resort for cats who are misbehaving and they counsel about the humane alternatives like scratching posts, nail trims, etc. They said that the AVMA frowns on declawing and prefers their vets to try other options and they leave it up to the veterinarians. They said that they do declaws fairly often and their vets use a scalpel/clipper/ and other instruments for the declaw.


Cherry Ridge Veterinary Clinic, Honesdale, PA

A neuter declaw is $707. They said that they’ve had a couple people come over from NY for a declaw.


Montague Veterinary Hospital, Montague, NJ

A neuter/declaw is $385. They said, “We have people coming from NY all the time” for a declaw. Employee said that her cat and her sister’s cats are all declawed and they are fine and their sister’s cat is declawed on all four paws.  They also said that they can’t have a cat that is not declawed because their mother is a bleeder. They said that Dr Richard Coburn uses a clipper and a pair of scissors for the declaws. They only do 4 paw declaws for medical reasons. Employee went on and on how declawing is ok for a cat and said they do them all the time.


Plainfield Animal Hospital, South Plainfield, NJ.

AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital

Employee asked, “Would you do just the front or all four?”  They only have one vet, Dr Lyons, who does their declaws. A neuter declaw is $900.  They said they haven’t had any cat owners from NY coming over for a declaw.


Family Pet Services, Montague, NJ

They said they’ve had people from NY come over and have declaws done but now they aren’t taking any more clients.


Norwalk Animal Hospital, Norwalk, CT

AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital and Fear Free Professionals

They said that a neuter declaw is $1736. They said, “We get a lot of NY residents for a declaw.”

They said that Dr Harlen McLaughlin does the declaws with a laser said that laser declaw is less invasive and quicker healing. When asked if a declaw is ok for a cat the employee said that they have never heard of any problems from a declaw.


Mount Anthony Veterinary Hospital, Bennington, VT    VetCor Practice

Employee said that they get lots of customers for declaws who are from New York and she lives in NY and her cats are declawed.

A declaw is $359.


South Street Veterinary Serivces, Pittsfield, MA

Employee said that a declaw/neuter is $350 and they are not taking new clients but in the past they have had people from NY come to their practice to get their cats declawed.