Here is another sad example of why we must ban declawing in America.

 This practice was brought to my attention by a cat owner on facebook who was looking for a “cheap declaw.” Here are the comments,

Pet Day Cheap Declaw comments

Here is info on Pet Day Surgery practice with a vet who is an 18 yr member of the AVMA.

Link to Pet Day Surgery facebook page with this photo. Near Pain Free Cat Declawing link 

Pet Day Fb page

There’s a declaw advertisement on her veterinary practice marquee, a video that touts “low pain declawing” [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Low Pain Declawing video[/button] , “Our cat declawing procedure is unparalleled for putting your cat through the least pain and giving them the fastest recovery” (This vet uses a scalpel to amputate the toe bones and claws, and a photo touting “near pain free declawing” photo on her facebook page.)

Pet Day Cheap Declaw 2

Showing a photo of trimming a dog’s nails and advertising their near-pain free declaw for cats.

Pet Day Cheap Declaw

Please find an ethical and humane vet to take your pets to. There are lists of no-declaw vets on,, and

Please continue to educate your family, friends, and co-workers about the facts about declawing so that they won’t take their cats to these pro-declaw vets to have their toe bones and claws horrifically amputated.


Please don’t threaten anyone involved with these stories. We must do the right thing and take the high road and be respectful.  It is wrong to threaten them in any way plus they will twist things around and play the victim. We know that the only victims are all the kitties that are being unnecessarily and cruelly declawed. We MUST continue to shine light on this cause and share all of these stories so that we show the truth about what is going on.

We MUST continue to educate cat owners who are being deceived by their pro-declaw vets and who are NOT being told about how declawing is mutilating amputations, not good for the health and well being of their cats, how it is inhumane and very painful, and how there are ALWAYS humane alternatives that they can use instead of declawing.  Soft paws, scratching posts, nail trims, and deterrents are ALL better than declawing and they work!

The way that we make positive change is through peaceful and respectful actions and words. When you lash out and are threatening, it hurts our important cause and makes us all look bad, and in turn saves less kitties from this very cruel and inhumane procedure they call declawing.