Update 2021. This clinic does not declaw cats anymore. They say that it can cause issues when a cat gets older and there are other alternatives like scratching posts that are better for the cat.



In June 2017 this veterinary practice in Arkansas posted this photo of two kittens with bloody paws, who were just declawed and said on the caption, “When the two siblings were “fixed” and declawed the day before, but they don’t act like anything has happened…”

Their saying on their facebook page is #WeAreTheBest

I shared their post on my facebook pages. The next morning they took the post down.


This information about declawing was posted on their facebook page in 2014 about declawing.

Here is the text to this post, ”

SO many people speak terribly on the subject of declawing. And while it may be inhumane to some, for others, it’s a must. Many people call us so distraught over new furniture being scratched up or a cat that won’t retract their claws when playing. They’ve tried giving them a cat tree to scratch on, tried water bottles and newspapers to reprimand, and still no luck.

Here, at TAC, we do declaw cats. We only declaw the front feet(in case they ever ran outside and needed protection or climbing ability)and we only declaw young cats. After a cat is fully grown, there’s more weight and pressure on the incision sight, it’s more painful, at a higher risk for complications, and they take longer to heal.

We will NOT under ANY circumstances declaw a cat that has not been spayed or neutered (unless its being done at the same time). We also require feline leukemia testing as feline leukemia will prohibit healing.

We not only give them preoperative pain medicine, but some very strong pain meds during and after the procedure. They are under full anesthesia, and their claws are surgically removed with a scalpel blade. Each incision is closed with skin glue, and the feet are wrapped for the rest of the day and night. They stay 2 nights and 3 days in the hospital and receive pain injections twice daily along with 2 other pain medicines. Almost all of our young patients are playing and batting at us through the cage door by the following morning. I’m convinced that they would be pawing at us earlier if not for being sleepy from anesthesia.

Regardless of what other Veterinary practices are doing, we are taking care of the cats at TAC. We know our patients are kept warm, pain free, and comfortable or they would not be playful and happy.

So if you have heard that it is inhumane or it messes their feet up, welcome to the best Veterinary practice around.”


In a post on April 5, 2017, they say their mission is to alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.


Trumann Animal Clinic also shared the kitten post on their Twitter page. I didn’t retweet that tweet but was blocked on Twitter by Trumann Animal Clinic.