I received this awesome note in January 2016 and wanted to share it with all of you. She is a shining example of how all veterinarians should practice medicine.  If they care about cats and the welfare of cats, then they would be like her and never declaw a cat. She is my hero.  She works at The Cat Clinic in Roswell, Georgia. CatClinicOfRoswell

I’m happy to add this humane practice to my no-declaw list of veterinarians who are true advocates for animals and think of the animal’s needs first and who honor their oath to heal and help animals.

Every veterinary practice in North America should have something like they have on their website and should not declaw cats   Declawing Facts



Here is her amazing note I received yesterday.

“Dear City,


I am proud to say that in my 25+ years as a veterinarian, I have never mutilated or maimed a cat by removing its claws and will never do so.  I chose to become a veterinarian in order to help animals, not harm them.


Educating owners is important but it is the veterinary community that needs to be enlightened.  They are the ones responsible for this cruel and barbaric practice of mutilating cats.  Many “say” they would prefer not to, but they continue to do so anyways. Shouldn’t they be helping cats instead of causing them unnecessary pain and suffering?

How can anyone believe that there is no pain or suffering involved when multiple body parts have been amputated?  More veterinarians need to stop perpetuating false beliefs about declawing and start helping their patients and clients instead.


For those doctors who don’t think they have a choice, clearly they are wrong.  I have had an extremely rewarding career, doing what I love most, while still adhering to my anti-declaw beliefs. It has never stopped me from getting a good job or working in good clinics.  By advocating on behalf of cats, I have helped umpteen clients who truly love their pets.  Not only are my clients happy but their cats are too.


The blame clearly lies within the veterinary community and efforts to stop the practice of declawing should be geared towards them.


I applaud you for educating owners in hopes that they are successful in putting pressure on the profession and bringing much needed attention to the problem.

I stand in awe of your conviction and dedication to helping cats and know you are making a difference.


Keep up the hard work.


Lynn Bahr, D.V.M.”


Thank you Dr Bahr for being a humane and compassionate veterinarian in every way. I’m honored to be working with you to help the welfare of all animals, especially cats! [button href=”http://citythekitty.deziroo.com/” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Deziroo website[/button]   [button href=”https://www.facebook.com/yourownPSS/?fref=ts” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Deziroo Facebook Page[/button]


Please reach out to your local vet and send them this note to see if they will do the right thing and stop declawing. [button href=”https://citythekitty.org/what-you-can-do-to-help-end-declawing/” color=”orange”] The note to your veterinarian[/button]

And please sign the official petition for the bill in New York to ban declawing NY Bill to Ban Declawing