Story published on December 14, 2023.

Please sign our petition to Nat Geo and Dr Pol to stop declawing!

We just wanted to check if Dr Pol is still declawing cats so one of our researchers made a short call to Dr Pol’s Veterinary Services in Weidman, MI and according to an employee that works there, he and his other veterinarians are still declawing cats on a regular basis.  (They said they are not accepting new clients.)

The employee said that a declaw/spay is around $300 and they use a laser.

The researcher asked if their vets do declaws regularly and the employee said yes.

The researcher asked if the cats are ok after a declaw and the employee said there is no guarantee in medicine but typically they are easier with the laser. They said it’s easier on the cat and cauterizes at the same time.

Pol Veterinary Services, Weidman, MI.

Here’s a video of Dr Pol telling one of his employees to schedule a neuter/declaw. Dr Pol neuter/declaw video

Update May 2023. An employee at Dr Pol’s Veterinary said that they still perform declawing but aren’t taking new clients.

July 2020. Dr Pol and his 4 other vets are all still declawing cats according to an employee at Pol Veterinary Services. In fact, when you call for the cost of a spay/declaw to Dr Pol’s practice, the employee asks, “Just the front?”
They say that a spay/4 paw declaw is around $300. When asked if declawing is ok for a cat long term, the employee said they never had a problem.

August 2019. Employee said that they aren’t taking new customers for around 6 months. They said that they have 5 vets and they all do the declaws including Dr Pol. A spay/declaw is $210.Another employee said all the vets do declaws. They said that most of the time the other vets do the declaws. Researcher asked why and they said because they are faster than Dr Pol.   They use a laser to declaw.

In November of 2019, our mobile billboard truck stopped in front of Dr. Pol’s veterinary services to try to inspire him and his 4 vets to stop performing the inhumane and cruel practice of amputating the much needed toe bones and claws on innocent cats. (declawing)
Please take a minute to sign our petition to Nat Geo Wild and Disney+ to inspire them to stop ignoring this serious issue and speak up to Dr Pol that it is unacceptable that he and his vets are torturing and harming cats at his practice by barbarically amputating the toe bones on healthy cats.
Here’s our petition –
It’s great to know that our advocacy against declawing, by using these mobile billboards and other legal ways of shining light on this important cause, is entitled to the highest rung of First Amendment protection.
Thank you to the ACLU for writing the historic Amicus Brief in 2018 for us to protect our right to free speech so we can help protect innocent and voiceless cats from this cat torture and cruelty. #ACLU #ThankYou
*** Our mobile billboard truck also stopped in front of other declawing vet practices in West Michigan in November 2019.
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