AAHA “Standard of Excellence” & Declawing Cats


Photo is from an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) hospital (Standard of Excellence in the Veterinary Profession) , with American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) vets, that declaws cats with their laser, tells cat owners there are no long term negative consequences from this inhumane procedure, suggests declaws with neuter surgeries to first time cat owners, doesn’t offer any behavior advice for scratching issues and cats, doesn’t suggest scratching posts or Soft Paws (they have a section on their website called “Behavioral Medicine” with a photo of a dog with a torn up pillow and say they help with behavior issues.)

They say their laser declaws aren’t painful, and say that it’s $199 for the front declaw, and they say, “doing it by a laser doesn’t hurt them as much as it used to when they used to just pull them (claws) out and it hurt them more.”

When a first time cat owner asked about declaws and said they don’t want their sofa torn up, the employee said, “That’s a chance you don’t want to take.”

They say that they have no age limit for declaws but that the older the cat, the longer the recovery is and the older cats are required to have blood work done to see if they are healthy enough to go through the declaw.

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Story about AAHA’s new “Declaw Communications Toolkit” that they made for their vets like these who do declaws AAHA DECLAW TOOLKIT