Here is one of the many sad notes from someone in the veterinary medicine field. 

I’m so against declawing that I’ve lost all desire to work in vet medicine.
I worked at ….. Animal Hospital for about a year and half. After the Paw Project came out, Dr ….. and I were thrilled to finally have a tool to help curb the desire to declaw. It worked great! We nearly stopped all declaws.

However, as soon as the owner and lead veterinarian caught on, they tripled the cost of soft paw applications ($40 per visit- more than an exam) and my coworker and I had our jobs threatened for our views. We were going to be fired for discouraging declaws. A year before the Paw Project came out, Dr …. (a feline vet) was barred from seeing kittens because she refused to declaw.

My former boss at that practice proudly declawed cats over 10 yrs old, all four paws, and even a case where declawing was prohibited due to a bill of sale on a $2000 pedigreed cat. In this case, two vets disagreed with the breeder’s wishes to not have her kittens declawed.

Most vets 1) fear the lost income from losing a new client and 2) lack the education in MODERN behavior modification styles. They still feel declawing is proper behavior modification. Many techs and vets do not fight back or talk to the board out of fear of being labeled a trouble maker. Whistleblowers attempt career suicide.


What you can personally do to help end declawing is this. Send your vet this note if they declaw cats [button href=”http://citythekitty.org/what-you-can-do-to-help-end-declawing/” color=”orange”] Note to your vet[/button]

If they don’t stop declawing then please try to find a compassionate and humane vet who doesn’t declaw cats and who puts cat’s needs first.  Here are many no-declaw vets [button href=”http://citythekitty.org/no-declaw-vets-usa/” color=”green”] No Declaw Veterinarians in America[/button]

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