Help Us Gather Evidence On a Crime Committed Against Kitties

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Help Us Gather Evidence On a Crime Committed Against Kitties So Other Kitties Won’t Have to Be Victims Too.

 I received a note from a cat owner about her cat. Here is what it said.


Dear City,

I had a vet that recommended I declaw my kitten (on all four paws.)

It was my first cat ever, and I didn’t understand what it truly was. I was told it was like getting a nail trim, and that it was a good thing. It ended up being an up-sell to another surgery. They were trying to add procedures, to get more money.

It was suggested at her first vet appointment, at 6 months old. We adopted her from the _______ Humane Society. She was 4 months old. At her first appointment at ____ Animal Hospital,  when getting her another round of shots, they recommended the declaw.

Misty was my very first cat. I had only grown up having dogs. I didn’t know anything about the declaw procedure, and took the advice of someone who I trusted.  I didn’t know not to trust him, as my family had been bringing our dogs to him for years.
After learning the truth, I was devastated that I had done that to my kitty.
It is still very upsetting to me. Even 15 years later.
Thanks for all you do.

Misty1Misty. RIP.

If any of you have had your cat declawed, especially in the last 4 years,  please send me an email to

I’m doing research to see what people are being told vs. what the truth is.

I really want to hear from cat people who were either never told exactly what declawing was or who were deceived by their “doctors” to believe that declawing was ok and not bad for your cat. Just like Misty’s mom was.
The ideal proof is the paperwork of what you signed when you brought your beloved cat in for declawing. I would like to see if there was any warning in the paperwork about this being an amputation surgery. If you don’t have the paperwork handy, please ask your vet for copies of it. You should be able to have your cat’s records! Make sure they give you the surgical consent form. It is very important that I hear from all of you who’ve had this type of situation. Please make sure you get ALL the paperwork first and attach it to the email so that I don’t get more than one email from you. The response from this request could turn out to be very overwhelming which will be a good thing.

Thank you! you and your kitties will be serving all of kittykind in an effort to make vets be honest and forthcoming about what they’re actually doing.

Make sure that you put the state that you are in on the subject line so that I can easily file all the emails. Canadian cat owners are welcome to send their emails too.
This will be good information to show legislators on how many pro-declaw veterinarians are not telling the truth to cat owners about this inhumane and mutilating procedure. Let’s get the bill in NY passed to end declawing in that state and start legislation in other states!!!
Keep fighting the good fight for all the kitties who have no voice!


Rollo Sad

Here is Misty’s paw print (with no claws) when she passed away. It makes me so sad to think about how she suffered AND how her mom will always feel so bad about what this “doctor” did to her and how he deceived her to think declawing her on all four paws was ok to do to Misty.