This is a photo of a cat that was declawed at a veterinary practice that does around 6 declaws a week and said they did 3 last week in one day.¬† This practices gives a Certificate of Bravery to the cats that are declawed. They charge $160 for a scalpel declaw or $211 for a laser declaw. The cat owner that posted this said their cat had to go back to this practice 10 days after the amputations, because of problems with his paws. They also recommend 4 paw declaws for, “people in nursing homes or health reasons.”
This photo from an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) veterinary hospital (not the practice that gives the Certificate of Bravery) and is of cat toes and claws that were amputated with a scalpel. ToeBones
The photo was posted on instagram and this compassionate cat owner left these comments on the photo.

Ever since I was a child, all I ever wanted to do and be was someone who could take care of animals and be a vet, a foster mom, everything and anything I could possibly do for these animals.
My parents taught me at a young age, the barbarity of declawing.
I grew up having 5 cats, and yeah our furniture was shredded from them crazy cats, but at no point in time did anyone think declawing them was the answer.
You get a cat and you either train them extremely well or take the general outcomes of owning a cat, clawing things to no end.
To me this is just like a doctor going into practice to intentionally maim patients.
I will never go to a vet or fund a vet who thinks this is okay. It’s nauseating to me, someone who has loved and will always love animals to the end of this world, that people actually think this is an okay procedure.
It’s also sad to me to know how uneducated and lied to some people of the world are because the vets don’t tell them what declawing really is or no one else ever did.

You shouldn’t even be allowed to call yourself a vet if you do this to cats.

You’re supposed to love, protect, and heal these animals, and if you go into the vet field with the mindset ¬†that this is okay, you do not belong in it.

This is just cruel, inhuman, and terrible.



Photo of her cat Princesstori

tori2Photo of her cat Trooper