June 2017

Here is an example of how declawing veterinarians often lie to and deceive cat owners about declawing. Declawing vets can’t be trusted because they are doing a mutilating procedure to cats, are harming them, and often lie to cat owners about how it is done.

Many of these vets are not telling cat owners that declawing always involves the amputation of part of the last bone or all of the last bone in a cat’s paw.

Many of you send me screenshots of comments from cat owners who had their cat’s declawed and don’t know that it is an amputation procedure. Here’s a comment from a cat owner on a post that Jackson Galaxy did about not declawing cats a couple years ago.

So I NICELY and RESPECTFULLY reached out to this cat owner to ask her if she could give me the name of her vet practice and vet who did this “special claw removal” to where no bone was removed.

This cat owner said she couldn’t remember if she had it done in her town or out of town and she would try to find the paperwork. She said she referred “tons of friends over the years” to this vet so people could have it done to their cats too. She said she paid a lot of money to have it done but it was “worth it.”  Then finally she said, “The vet I used is passed away and I would not use them again because they do surgery now to declaw.”

She said, “I’m so anti declaw.”

Her words have been keeping me up at night since I know thousands of cat owners are being deceived about declawing by these unethical, greedy declawing vets.

She said her cats never came home with bandages, cuts, or sutures and that she can “squeeze their knuckle and all you see is a “nail matrix.”

She even sent me a photo of her oldest kitty sitting on a counter with its paws visible and said, “as you can see, knuckles intact.”

I told her that you often can’t tell that a cat is declawed just by looking at its paws.

I nicely told her that her vet lied to her and there’s no way to just take off a cat’s nail without taking part of the bone since it will always grow back. I told her that there are many cat owners like her who are being lied to and that I am on her side and it wasn’t her fault.

She said I was “bullying” her by saying her vet lied to her about the procedure. WHAT?????

She wrote, “I am in the medical field and smart enough to know surgery vs not. My cats, none of them have a knuckle or any amputation removed.  Have you seen a human who had to have a toe nail removed? When it’s done it’s permanent.  Apparently you need to educate yourself. “
 She went on to say, “I am educated to know what procedure I used and was anti declaw and still am however this procedure made sleep better at night. My animals were and are my babies until I had children.
My cats are not harmed for life. It’s people like you that give people like me who are educated and find other procedures, a bad name. When you hear de claw people like me, who research and find other options are thrown under the bus and our vet lied. Sorry. Some of us know the difference.”
  It is so disheartening to hear good people like her, who love their cats and would never purposely harm them, not understand the awful truth about what their vets did to their cats. They will believe the declawing vet’s lies just so they don’t feel guilty for doing something that harms their kitties. It’s so very sad.
This is why we must ban declawing to stop these unethical and greedy declawing vets from causing so much harm and torture in cats by amputating cat’s toes and claws.
We MUST keep educating the public so that they know the awful truth about declawing.
Here are the facts about declawing from Dr Jean Hovfe. “Even Resco takes part of the bone (and leaves part, of course). The germinal cells cannot be distinguished visually from bone (without a microscope!) so it is not physically possible to precisely dissect only the claw-growing cells. They are embedded in bone.”
Here’s a big example of how the vets and veterinary associations lie about declawing. This was during the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association’s testimony for the anti-declawing legislation. Their spokesvet said, “Bone is not removed” when he was talking about how they declaw cats. HUGE LIE! https://citythekitty.org/njvmas-lies-deceit-in-their-declawing-testimony/

Here is another post on facebook from a cat owner who was lied to by their declawing vet.

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