Krista Kafer, a Denver Post columnist, wrote an opinion piece about the anti-declawing bill in Denver. Here it is. [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Denver Post Opinion Piece About the Anti-declawing bill in Denver[/button]

My mom sent an email to Krista Kafer on October 27, 2017, asking her some questions and also sent her lots of facts about declawing.

My mom also asked her if she was paid by the CVMA to write this opinion piece.

Here is Ms Kafer’s reply that she sent on Oct. 27, 2017, “Thank you so much for your email. As a cat owner, I appreciate your passion. To paraphrase philosopher David Hume, what is does not determine what ought to be. Given the same facts, people make different public policy conclusions. I know people who will not adopt/keep a cat that that is not declawed. I teach logic at a local unversity and see no flaws in my if A, then B argument. As a former Humane Society volunteer I’ve seen first hand how many good animals die unwanted. Although I’ve known a number of happy declawed cats, I believe that declawing, like debarking, should only be a last resort. Krista”

It was odd that there was no answer to that very important question, so my mom sent her another email right after Ms Kafer’s reply and once again asked her if she was paid by the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association.  No reply.

It’s very odd that she has not confirmed nor denied the allegation.

Please respectfully ask the Denver Post Opinion and The Denver Post on their facebook and social media pages and on her Denver Post opinion piece in the comment section, if they have any answers to this mystery.

This bio about Ms Kafer might shed a little more light on this serious question. [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Krista Kafer bio[/button]  

Ms Kafer also has a website that I think you might also be interested in. [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Krista Kafer’s website about conspiracies[/button]