Who knew when I was born that I would spend my life trying to undo an egregious wrong?

Who knew that when I met my mom, that we would embark on a fight that would consume our lives protecting others’ lives?
Who knew that “doctors” who took an oath to do no wrong, could be paid so little to break that oath and sell their good consciences?
Who could ever have imagined that the big animal cruelty organization (that says animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law), the prestigious NY veterinary college and Feline Health Center, and the worlds largest no-kill animal rescue, would be ALL be standing on the sideline with this NY Cat Protect Bill and watching us in this difficult fight.
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Sadly, we will always remember our friends who weren’t there for us, when we needed them the most.
I do have to say, though, that this fight has been rewarding.
I am always amazed and grateful for all of you who have joined in and for your passion.

Please stay with me.

We are undoing 65 years of accepted torture, a legal procedure, that should have never been condoned.
We are pulling veterinary medicine out of its evil dark ages.
Like any great change, we have to forbear stupidity, greed and stubbornness as we tuck our heads and push through to the light.
Change will come. We will make it.

No one is as committed to declawing as we are committed to abolishing it.

 Imagine a world where the New York State Veterinary Medical Society spends $100,000 a month on PROTECTING cats instead of using that money to maintain their right to MUTILATE cats.

As I write this, 25% of American cats are getting declawed. That’s around 2 million cats a year.
What does the future hold?
Imagine a world where declawing doesn’t exist.  I do every single day.
It is possible-if we all do our little part.
City the Kitty

CALL TO ACTION! Here’s what you can do ASAP!

New Yorkers AND out of staters, PLEASE call or email to voice your SUPPORT for the bill (A1297/S5084) to ban declawing in NYS. Call Assembymember Magee at both:
Albany office = 518-455-4807
District Office = 315-361-4125
Or email him at

Sample script:
“My name is _______ and I live in __________. I am a (choose a title: practicing veterinarian/cat owner/ vet tech/ concerned citizen) from New York State and I support S.5084 (Griffo)/A.1297 (Rosenthal), which would ban the declawing of cats except in medically necessary for the cat, like a tumor in the toe. Declawing involves multiple amputations – of the last bone of each of the cat’s digits – it is surgery and not simply removing the cat’s nails. The bill is currently in the Agricultural Committee and I strongly support its passage in the 2016 legislative session. Thank you.”